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The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney is a university-based research centre, dedicated to the rigorous analysis of American foreign policy, economics, politics and culture. The Centre is a national resource, that builds Australia’s awareness of the dynamics shaping America — and critically — their implications for Australia.

Ashley Townshend

The Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment is published by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. It examines key regional security issues and is published each year in association with the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue. USSC...

8 June 2021
Ashley Townshend

Hosted by the Atlantic Council, this virtual public conference on the future of the bilateral US-Japan alliance and multilateral cooperation in the Indo-Pacific under the Biden and Suga administrations, featured USSC director of...

24 March 2021
Charles Edel

Senior Fellow Dr Charles Edel spoke with ASPI Senior Analyst Kelsey Munro in a podcast episode of Policy, Guns and Money about the about the current tensions between Australia and China and the...

16 May 2020

The following infographic forms part of the United States Studies Centre report, Public opinion in the age of Trump: The United States and Australia compared.

18 December 2019
Drew Sheldrick, Kim Hoggard

President Trump once referred to the press as the “enemy of the people”, yet spends a lot of his time consuming news content and broadcasting favourable items on Twitter. So, is he getting...

11 November 2019

The United States Studies Centre (USSC) was honoured to host a speech by Senator the Hon. Marise Payne, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs. The keynote foreign policy address was on Australia’s active role...

30 October 2019
Drew Sheldrick, Mia Love

Mia Love was the first black woman to be elected to US Congress for the Republican Party, but she drew the ire of President Trump during last year's midterm elections for not paying...

22 October 2019
Drew Sheldrick, Stephen Kirchner

A tentative trade deal between the United States and China proved a welcome distraction for a White House rattled by events in Syria and the unfolding impeachment investigation. But is it worth the...

16 October 2019
Drew Sheldrick, Bruce Wolpe

Another presidential phone call with an Australian prime minister is causing angst among allies as the impeachment investigation heats up and Trump's Twitter goes into meltdown. With the daily dump of new revelations...

3 October 2019
Drew Sheldrick, Jared Mondschein

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump. So, what does that mean, will Democrats succeed in removing the president and what finally convinced Pelosi to...

25 September 2019
Brendon O'Connor

US House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi has announced a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. Associate Professor in American Politics Brendon O'Connor shared his views on this development with Channel News Asia.

25 September 2019
Drew Sheldrick, David Schlosberg

Climate change has been a top-tier issue in recent elections and political debates, even prompting a special CNN Town Hall for Democrats in September to specifically address how they'll tackle the problem if...

16 September 2019
Drew Sheldrick, Elliott Brennan

Democratic presidential hopefuls faced off in the second round of live debates over two nights in Detroit, Michigan this week. It offered a rematch for Senator Kamala Harris and former Vice President Joe...

2 August 2019
Gorana Grgic, Drew Sheldrick

Dr Gorana Grgic returns from a six-month stint at Harvard University's Center for European Studies to give us a run-through of last week's rise to political prominence for the so-called "Squad" of Democratic...

25 July 2019
Drew Sheldrick, Ellen Haring

Sexual assaults in the US military increased by almost 38 per cent last year, according to the Pentagon's own report. So, has the #MeToo movement failed to make an impact on the armed...

16 July 2019
Drew Sheldrick, Lavina Lee

The Trump administration's 2017 National Security Strategy gave an unequivocal assessment that the world has entered an era of outright geostrategic competition between “those who favour repressive systems and those who favour free...

9 July 2019
David Smith, Drew Sheldrick

The first Democratic presidential debates took place in Miami, Florida this week, with immigration, healthcare and race dominating discussions among the 20 candidates. Who came out on top and who suffered some serious...

28 June 2019
Simon Jackman, Drew Sheldrick

President Donald Trump officially launched his re-election bid in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday. But having filed his intention to run on day of his 2017 inauguration, given his love of frequent televised rallies...

20 June 2019
Drew Sheldrick, Charles Edel, John Lee

A former advisor to a US Secretary of State and a former advisor to an Australian Foreign Minister have joined forces on a new report reevaluating the future of the US-Australia alliance amidst...

14 June 2019
Drew Sheldrick, Shaun Ratcliff

The Australian federal election in May was seemingly the latest polling disaster, with political prognosticators unable to properly gauge the mood of the electorate following similar forecasting failures in 2016 with Donald Trump's...

6 June 2019