The United States Studies Centre offers unparalleled undergraduate, postgraduate and executive-level educational opportunities. As a student here, you will gain a rigorous and objective perspective on the past, present, and future direction of the United States.

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The United States Studies Centre offers units of study as part of full-degree programs administered by the University of Sydney. Exclusive study abroad and internship programs are also offered by the Centre for which students earn credit towards their degree at the university.

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Study options

The United States Studies Centre teaches some of the most innovative and interesting undergraduate units in Australia.

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Our postgraduate coursework options are designed to suit each student's professional and intellectual interests.

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International opportunities

The United States Studies Centre provides a variety of innovative programs for students to gain practical international experience and a better understanding of the United States. Students have the opportunity to live, study, and work in Los Angeles.

Internships in Australia

In addition to real-world experience, students who take our internships also receive six elective credit points towards their degree.

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A unique learning experience

The United States Studies Centre teaches some of the most innovative and interesting undergraduate units in Australia.

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The United States Studies Centre is proud to have a thriving alumni community in Australia, the United States and around the world. We offer a broad range of activities and opportunities exclusive to our alumni.

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Meet our alumni

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"America is wild and endlessly fascinating, and American Studies allowed me to hack my curiosity in a way that expanded my analytical skills and my understanding of what is worthy of study and critique. American studies is not only fun, but it is endlessly useful."

Victoria Cooper

Bachelor of Arts (American Studies/Politics and International Relations)

"The American Studies discipline is incredibly flexible and I was encouraged to use unconventional means to explore my honours topic. Through the continuous support of the USSC academics, I was able to nurture my passion and develop my understanding. I finished my honours thesis feeling proud of my achievement and excited about my future."

Freya Bruce-Gilchrist

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours) and recipient of the University Medal

Where can American Studies take you?

Every single element of American Studies has been useful in figuring out what I'm interested in and what I want to do with my life.Rémy Numa, American Studies graduate

Rémy Numa, a 2019 American Studies graduate, sat down with the Centre's own Dr Rodney Taveira to talk through his experience studying at the University of Sydney and majoring in American Studies.

From the variety of study options to the benefit of a smaller team and the one-on-one support he received from lecturers and tutors, Rémy explains how the American Studies major prepared him for his career as a Political Affairs Specialist at FOX News in New York City.