The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney is a university-based research centre, jointly established by the Australian Government, the American Australian Association and the University of Sydney.

The Centre is an Australian non-profit organisation, a public company limited by guarantee and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.

Since its establishment, the Centre has diversified its funding base, with financial support from state and federal governments (of both political persuasions), grants from prestigious international philanthropic foundations as well as corporate entities, ticket sales and donations from private individuals. In the last five years, one per cent of the Centre’s operating budget came from the US government. During that same period, four per cent of its budget came from US-based foundations, companies or individuals.

The quality and independence of the Centre’s work are strengthened by engaging with a diverse range of funding partners. Supporters have no editorial control on the results of research. Research papers are published under the name of individual researchers and the Centre takes no institutional position on any issue.

2021 revenue

2021 revenue