Sources of funding

Financial support for the Centre comes from student tuition, state and federal governments, investment income, grants from international philanthropic foundations, corporate partnerships, ticket sales, donations from private individuals, member contributions, and grant funding from the governments of the United States, Japan and other close allies and partners of Australia.

Financial acceptance and disclosure

The Centre complies with all relevant local, state and federal laws, practices responsible stewardship of all donated, grant and partnership funds and discloses information in line with all applicable laws. International revenue is declared under the Foreign Influence and Transparency Scheme (FITS) and the Centre complies with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC).

The Centre maintains full control over accepting funds and will only do so where there is no conflict of interest or misalignment with the Centre’s constitution, mission or strategic objectives. Where information is revealed that may conflict with this, the Centre reserves the right to refuse, return or refund donations or other funds.

Intellectual independence

As both a research centre and academic institution, the Centre is committed to ethical, intellectual and personal integrity. The Centre maintains intellectual freedom and sole editorial control over Centre content, projects and research activities. The Centre’s publications reflect the views of the authors alone. The Centre asserts ownership of all intellectual property created by the Centre.

Charitable purpose

Centre research projects are designed to achieve the charitable purpose as set out in the USSC Constitution, including to deepen the understanding of the United States' culture, politics and government, promote collaborative research between institutions and operate as a think tank for the Australian-US relationship.

To ensure the work of the Centre is advancing the understanding of and discourse around the US-Australian relationship, the Centre prioritises work on original problems. The Centre does not conduct research when the answer is already known, when a partner wants a predetermined conclusion or where the research is not aligned with our expertise. The Centre does not engage in third-party advocacy.

2022 revenue

2022 revenue