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Elizabeth Ingleson, David Brewster

The Belt and Road Initiative represents a fundamental play by China to reshape the world around it. In the latest instalment of The Debate Papers, we asked David Brewster and Elizabeth Ingleson whether...

13 November 2018
Madelyn Creedon, Malcolm Davis

During a meeting of the National Space Council in June, President Donald Trump announced a new branch of the US armed forces — the United States Space Force. So, is it a good...

18 October 2018
Stephen Kirchner, Alan Oxley

In the latest instalment of the USSC's Debate Papers series, we asked Alan Oxley and Stephen Kirchner whether the global trading system can survive the Trump administration's increasing use of tariffs as an...

4 September 2018
Bharat Karnad, Sumona Guha

Bharat Karnad and Sumona Guha argue whether India should pursue deeper military ties with the United States as it stakes out a global leadership role.

21 June 2018
Michelle Price, Tom Uren

In the latest instalment of our Debate Papers series, Tom Uren and Michelle Price argue whether Australia has what it takes to be a cyber power.

5 April 2018
James Riley, Sandy Plunkett

Could the Australian government do more to support local innovation and grow our own American-style tech giants? We asked leading innovation commentators James Riley and Sandy Plunkett to debate the issue.

8 March 2018
Rodger Shanahan, John Blaxland

Rodger Shanahan and John Blaxland argue whether Australia should maintain military operations in the Arabian Peninsula or focus on threats closer to home.

16 November 2017
Gorana Grgic, R. Craig Nation

In the latest instalment of the Centre's debate series, Gorana Grgic and R. Craig Nation go head to head over whether Russia is a threat or a distraction to the United States.

10 October 2017
Jared Mondschein, James Laurenceson

In the first instalment of the Centre's new debate series, James Laurenceson and Jared Mondschein go head to head over who is Australia's most important economic partner, the United States or China?

29 August 2017