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Hayley Channer

The rationale and intent of AUKUS is sound. However, it will be costly and present ongoing opportunity costs and trade-offs, not only for defence but for broader national resources.

While the first two...

21 March 2023
Peter Dean

One of the criticisms of the AUKUS announcement in September 2021 was that the argument for why Australia needed a nuclear-powered submarine was not run and won by the Morrison government. With the...

13 March 2023
Miah Hammond-Errey, Tom Barrett

Global leaders continue to take action to secure technologies critical to national interests — such as the United States banning high-end chip technology and fabrication exports to China, and working with allies to...

27 February 2023
Sophie Mayo, Peter K. Lee, Alice Nason

Australia is fast approaching a watershed moment for its national security. In March, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and US President Joe Biden will announce the “optimal pathway”...

27 February 2023
Sophie Mayo, Alice Nason

Recent months have seen intense high-level diplomacy by Australia’s cabinet ministers. Off the back of a successful AUSMIN meeting in Washington, 2+2 ministerial talks in Japan and, following a ministerial meeting with their...

27 January 2023
Tom Corben, Sophie Mayo, Alice Nason

Australia’s most senior diplomats will soon meet with their US counterparts in Washington DC for the annual Australia-US Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN). AUSMIN is an opportunity to revisit progress made over the past year...

2 December 2022
Tom Corben, Peter K. Lee, Alice Nason

The US Congress wields considerable influence over US engagement with the world. Though US foreign policy is primarily directed from the White House, it is Congress that has oversight and final approval of...

26 October 2022
Victoria Cooper, Ava Kalinauskas

On 8 November, Americans will cast their vote to decide who will represent them in Congress and in various roles at the state and local levels. Unlike Australia, where state and federal elections...

19 October 2022
Peter K. Lee, Alice Nason

The announcement of the Australia, United Kingdom and United States (AUKUS) security partnership on 16 September 2021 transformed Australia’s perceptions of its capacity, capability and the role of its oldest allies. Few announcements...

14 September 2022
Victoria Cooper

After two years of negotiation, Congress passed the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 which was signed into law by President Biden on 9 August 2022. The act authorises US$280 billion (AU$410.6 billion)...

11 August 2022
Victoria Cooper

On 24 June 2022, the US Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling in the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization revoked the constitutional right to an abortion in the United States guaranteed nearly 50...

7 July 2022
Victoria Cooper

In early 2020, and many months away from his nomination as the Democrat's presidential candidate, Joe Biden promised, if elected, to appoint the first-ever Black woman to the US Supreme Court. Of...

14 February 2022
Victoria Cooper

On 1 September 2021, the Texas Heartbeat Act effectively banned abortions in Texas and launched a monumental challenge to constitutional guarantees in the United States. The new law, now in front of the...

9 November 2021
Ashley Townshend, Tom Corben, Susannah Patton

AUKUS is a new trilateral partnership featuring Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Though it aims to deepen diplomatic, security and defence cooperation between the three states, AUKUS will focus specifically...

16 September 2021
Jim Orchard

Throughout the campaign, transition, and the first working days at the White House, addressing climate change remained a top priority for Joe Biden. But the success of his ambitious climate plan will depend...

27 January 2021

On 6 January 2021, pro-Trump protestors violently stormed the US Capitol in Washington DC as Congress was meeting to certify the 2020 presidential election results. Proceedings were suspended as the mob occupied both...

15 January 2021
Lesley Russell

The isolation and anxiety prompted by the coronavirus pandemic and the associated social and economic fallouts have led to an increase in substance abuse even by people who have not previously had problems...

31 August 2020
Zoe Meers

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Studies Centre collated the number of cases, tests and deaths attributed to COVID-19 in Australia and the United States.

The Australian statistics were...

28 August 2020
Mari Koeck

Current position: US Senator from California

Previous role: Attorney General of California from 2011-2017

DOB: 20 October 1964 – She is 55 and will be 56 at the time of the election

Race: ...

12 August 2020
Jim Golby

As protestors flood the streets of the United States following the killing of George Floyd, some reports suggest President Donald Trump wants at least 10,000 active-duty troops to pour into the capital as...

12 June 2020