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John Lee

Take with a large grain of salt the diplomatic denials that the 2020 Strategic Defence Update and commitment to spend $270bn on defence across the next decade is all about one country. There...

7 July 2020
Bruce Wolpe

A fourth horseman of the American apocalypse - foreign policy - has rudely barged into US politics, joining the pandemic, economic collapse, and racial justice as fissures scarring America's political landscape.

Last week...

6 July 2020

The 4th of July is an important date for many to reflect on the ideals enshrined in the US Declaration of Independence: freedom, nationhood, and the unalienable rights of the people to life...

4 July 2020
Jim Orchard

As much as Democratic presential candidate Joe Biden campaigned in the Democratic primaries as a moderate, he is using the coronavirus lockdown to collaborate with leaders of the progressive wing of his party...

3 July 2020
Charles Edel

Tomorrow, we remember the Declaration of Independence for its aspirational language and calls for freedom and equality. These claims have made the Declaration a timeless document—one that forever holds a mirror to America’s...

3 July 2020
Lesley Russell

It has been just six months since the new coronavirus officially known as SARS-CoV-2 was recognised and already it is the deadliest pandemic since the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) emerged forty years ago...

1 July 2020
David Smith

The US presidential election is being shaped by the two crises that have defined 2020 so far: the coronavirus pandemic and the national reckoning over police brutality and racism.

COVID-19 has infected millions...

29 June 2020
Matilda Steward

In a recent address to the Australian National University's National Security College, Foreign Minister Marise Payne reflected that "COVID-19 is a shared crisis - a reminder that many problems are best solved or...

29 June 2020
Stephen Loosley

The first major motion picture screened in the White House, for president Woodrow Wilson, defin­­itely moved the dial on race relations in America. Moved the dial dramatically backwards, that  is.

The film was DW...

25 June 2020
Mia Love

Today marks one painful month since the murder of George Floyd. While in that time we've seen some promising bipartisan efforts to reform policing policies in the United States, unfortunately we've also seen...

25 June 2020
Brendan Thomas-Noone, Claire McFarland

The response to COVID-19 is having a transformational effect on the use of digital technologies in Australia, the United States and many other parts of the world. But the stark gaps in equitable...

24 June 2020
Jim Orchard

On March 15, during what turned out to be the final debate of the Democratic primary, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders went back and forth on fracking. Biden got in the final line...

22 June 2020
Elliott Brennan

In a virtual "Juneteenth" forum, marking the abolition of slavery in the United States, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden reflected on the words of legendary abolitionist Frederick Douglass. He said: "It is easier...

22 June 2020
James Curran

Even before the onset of coronavirus, it had become something of a truism to talk of US-China relations plunging into a new era of heightened geopolitical competition.

The element of danger in all...

22 June 2020
Brendan Thomas-Noone

Two seemingly disparate elements — the technological divergence of the US and China, and the financial shock of the loss of international student revenue to Australia’s universities — are converging to undercut Australia’s...

19 June 2020
Jim Golby

There is simply no precedent in modern US history for so many prominent retired generals and admirals—including former secretary of defense and retired general James Mattis, three former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs...

18 June 2020
Jim Golby

Watching the US government's response to the June 1 protests in Washington, DC made my mind wander to 2004, when my soldiers and I were tasked with preventing Iraqi citizens from entering the...

15 June 2020
Jim Orchard

This is the first in Jim Orchard's three-part series on the formulation of Joe Biden’s climate change agenda. Part two and part three are also available.

Joe Biden struggled to raise campaign funds...

15 June 2020
Gorana Grgic

It is hardly surprising that many foreign policy developments that would normally feature in the news have lately been demoted well below the headlines, as domestic turmoil in the United States has dominated...

12 June 2020
Lesley Russell

The Covid-19 crisis is subsiding in America’s major cities and the nation is beginning to open up, but the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic has left behind at least one time bomb...

11 June 2020