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Stephen Loosley

While it may make some of us baulk, the eye-watering $368 billion cost of Australia's submarine venture is a clear and obvious sign that we will do whatever it takes to ensure our...

15 March 2023
Peter Dean

We now know the “optimal pathway” for Australia to achieve a nuclear-powered submarine (SSN) capability by 2033. This timeline delivers a capability within a decade – completely defying earlier critiques of this program...

15 March 2023
Michael J. Green, Peter Dean, Tom Corben, Peter K. Lee, Hayley Channer, Blake Herzinger

The AUKUS report is one of the most significant defence pacts in Australian history, and experts at the United States Studies Centre have provided their take on today's important announcement.

14 March 2023
Peter Dean

As we prepare to dive into the depths of the AUKUS submarine “optimal” pathway tomorrow, details have been steadily emerging. This plan presents both opportunities and risks for Australia and its AUKUS partners...

13 March 2023
Michael J. Green, Peter Dean

The debate in Australia about the optimal pathway to acquire nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSN) under AUKUS is essentially split between two lines of argument. One maintains the government has not made a sufficient...

11 March 2023
Robert D. Atkinson

When the Cold War ended, many envisioned a new "end-of-history" era where almost every nation would embrace free trade and comparative advantage — producing what a nation is good at and importing the...

10 March 2023
Blake Herzinger

While we await the AUKUS partners’ announcement of their plans for Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines (SSNs), the public discourse on the agreement has become wildly out of sync with reality.

Charges that...

10 March 2023
John Kunkel

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine just over a year ago was the biggest shock to the global economy in 2022. From a policy perspective, however, the fleshing out of what US President Joe Biden...

7 March 2023
Louis Lauter

In a year where America’s democratic alliances have been tested under the shadow of an increasingly autocratic China and the despotism of Vladimir Putin, the US-Australia relationship has made great strides. Advances at...

28 February 2023
Miah Hammond-Errey

We’ve seen action by global leaders to make supply chains more resilient and secure technologies critical to national interests, such as US banning high-end chip fabrication technology exports to China and negotiating agreements...

27 February 2023
Stephen Loosley

This week we could not have had a clearer contrast between the thriving political culture of the West and that of a paranoid dictatorship, writes Stephen Loosley for Sky News.

25 February 2023
Ava Kalinauskas

“Let’s finish the job.” It’s the rallying cry that echoed through the US House chamber a dozen times during President Biden’s State of the Union speech last week. Throughout his address, Biden touted...

16 February 2023
Michael J. Green

While there is a lot of anxious gloom and doom in Washington about China’s menacing rise, the reality is that Joe Biden had a very good month in the region. He can thank...

9 February 2023
Miah Hammond-Errey

Intelligence work is fast changing. This has implications not just for those working in national security but for regular citizens. Digital transformation and emerging technologies are shifting the balance between secrecy and transparency...

9 February 2023
Bruce Wolpe

The US State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress – with the Supreme Court, the military chiefs and the diplomatic corps present – is the biggest pulpit a president...

7 February 2023

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2022 Publication highlights: Foreign Policy and Defence Program

3 February 2023
Stephen Loosley

When the US M1 Abrams tanks come online in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky's forces will have superiority over their enemy in both quality and depth, writes Stephen Loosley for Sky News.

1 February 2023
Stephen Loosley

Any attack by China on its neighbour would prompt a strong response from an emboldened US-Japanese military alliance, and a Taiwan that has learned the lessons from Ukraine, writes Stephen Loosley.

23 January 2023
Hayley Channer, John Kunkel

Australia’s going to need big dollars to develop advanced defence technologies and public-private partnerships will be key

18 January 2023
Stephen Loosley

Michael Ritchie's 1972 film The Candidate is among the best movies ever made on political campaigning. Robert Redford plays the neophyte Democratic candidate, Bill McKay, who runs in an apparently hopeless race for...

11 January 2023