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Lesley Russell

The transfer of presidential power conferred through the electoral process is a great and admirable American tradition, a pillar of American democracy admired around the world.

At noon on January 20 Joe Biden...

21 January 2021
Simon Jackman

The high watermark of inauguration speeches is Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, delivered in 1865 to an exhausted Union, with the end of the Civil War just a month away. Its spare 700...

21 January 2021
Bruce Wolpe

January 20 is Joe Biden’s first day as president. And Donald Trump’s last.

It is a measure of Trump’s corruption of the Zeitgeist that while more than 3000 Americans are dying each day...

20 January 2021
Stephen Loosley

Great American writer John Updike used to refer to his home state of Pennsylvania as being the doughy middle of America. Updike was perhaps more acute in his observation than he may have...

19 January 2021
James Curran

Turn over an American one-dollar bill and you’ll find an image from the United States’ Great Seal. An unfinished pyramid, its apex floats separately above the base and features the eye of divine...

17 January 2021
David Uren

Analysts are expecting China’s economic output in the first three months of 2021 to be 15% to 18% higher than in the same period in 2020 when the coronavirus struck, highlighting the enormous...

14 January 2021
Brendan Thomas-Noone

In a 1982 speech, then-US Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger warned that the United States had for the better part of a decade facilitated unfettered technological transfer and trade with the Soviet...

12 January 2021
Simon Jackman, Elliott Brennan

During the final presidential debate, Donald Trump told white supremacists and the notorious Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by". This week they stood up and embarrassed the United States before the...

9 January 2021
Bruce Wolpe

Imagine if there was a prime minister who was a bitterly divisive figure but still commanded a majority of support in his caucus. Imagine this prime minister faced a vote of no confidence...

8 January 2021
David Smith

After weeks of President Donald Trump’s baseless claims about voter fraud and other improprieties costing him the presidential election, Washington erupted in chaos today as his supporters stormed the Capitol during a joint...

7 January 2021
Jared Mondschein

History took place in the United States today.

Two Democrats were announced the winners of the run-off elections for Georgia’s two Senate seats, allowing the Democrats to take back control of the chamber...

7 January 2021
Charles Edel

The US Constitution is breaking down in ways that its designers recognised from history — and thought they had guarded against, writes USSC non-resident senior fellow Charles Edel in this article published by...

6 January 2021
Bruce Wolpe

Joe Biden’s fate will be sealed over these next two days. On Tuesday, local time, Georgia votes. If the Democratic challengers defeat the two incumbent Republican Senators, President Biden will control the Senate...

4 January 2021
James Curran

Some still claim that Ronald Reagan switched the site of his first inauguration in 1981 from the east to the west side of the Capitol to symbolise both his ambition to change the...

3 January 2021
Ashley Townshend, Brad Glosserman

Australians are pragmatic, and that perspective guides Canberra’s thinking about the change of administration in the US. While most Australians consider the Trump administration’s tone abrasive and style unsettling, its policies acknowledged deteriorating...

21 December 2020
James Curran

Since Joe Biden’s US election win, a wave of relief has washed over the foreign policy commentariat. The storyline appears set: with adults back in the room, Washington will relight multilateralism’s torch while...

20 December 2020
Lesley Russell

Joe Biden’s team inherits a country deeply divided by the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus, writes USSC non-resident fellow Lesley Russell for Inside Story.

17 December 2020
Bruce Wolpe

Twenty years ago this past weekend, the United States Supreme Court decided the presidential election, awarding Florida to George W. Bush. In the days preceding that ruling, Bush strongly consolidated his position as...

14 December 2020
Bruce Wolpe

On Monday in the United States, the Electoral College members will cast their votes for president, duly electing Joe Biden without any further interruption or challenge after the US Supreme Court dismissed on...

14 December 2020
Jim Golby

After a tumultuous four years, the United States needs civilian leadership and a return to normalcy, writes USSC non-resident fellow Jim Golby. His article was published by The New York Times.

9 December 2020