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Bruce Wolpe

Joe Hockey served as Australia’s ambassador to the United States in the last year of President Barack Obama’s term and throughout Donald Trump’s presidency. Diplomatic is his memoir of those tumultuous, extraordinary times.


9 May 2022

The Alliance at 70 commemorates the Alliance between Australia and the United States on the 70th anniversary of the signing of the ANZUS Treaty in San Francisco on 1 September 1951.

This volume...

7 December 2021
Peter K. Lee

Surrounded by great powers, South Korea has weathered the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic in its own unique way. Aspirations for greater autonomy and self-reliance are also driving significant changes to Seoul’s political...

12 November 2021
Stephen Loosley

New Year’s Eve appears to be a purpose-built gateway for LA crime noir.

James Ellroy achieved this with written blunt force trauma in the opening of The Big Nowhere, beginning with New Year’s...

11 November 2021
Bruce Wolpe

For a journalist as thorough and exacting as Bob Woodward, the coda to Rage, his second book on the Trump presidency, was stunning. The greatest threat to the presidency “was Trump himself”...

5 October 2021
Tom Corben

It has been rare in recent years for the anniversary of the atomic bombings in Japan to pass without controversy, invariably concerning remarks made by the prime minister. This year was no different...

6 September 2021
Susannah Patton

Depending on your perspective, Australia’s China debate might be relatively sophisticated, or resemble shell-churned ground in a war zone. Either way, it’s noisy and vigorous.

30 August 2021
Stephen Loosley

James Ellroy, who delights in the sobriquet of the ‘Demon Dog’ of American crime writing, has returned to the Los Angeles of the mid-1950s with this latest offering of crime and corruption. This...

12 August 2021
Bruce Wolpe

In their incisive, dramatic and masterful account of President Donald Trump’s last year in office – what we read is “the closest version of the truth that we could determine based on rigorous...

30 July 2021
Brendon O'Connor, Daniel Cooper

When Barack Obama was elected president, many commentators predicted a reversal of the ideologically charged foreign policy of George W. Bush. As the years unfolded, descriptions of President Obama's foreign policy diverged significantly...

22 July 2021
Ashley Townshend

The Asia-Pacific Regional Security Assessment 2021 is the eighth in a series of publications from the International Institute for Strategic Studies covering vital strategic, geopolitical, economic, military and security trends in the Asia-Pacific...

8 June 2021
Charles Edel

Over the years, Halle’s Spring in Washington has won a devoted following of nature enthusiasts for its depictions of the drama of spring’s arrival. But Halle’s devotion to the ecological view earned him another...

7 May 2021
Bruce Wolpe

There was a reason why Nancy Pelosi was beaming from the podium in the House of Representatives on the 99th day of Joe Biden’s presidency: Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the...

6 May 2021
Charles Edel

Senior Fellow Charles Edel's new chapter "Extending the Sphere: A Federalist Grand Strategy," in Rethinking American Grand Strategy looks at how The Federalist Papers served as the first articulation of American grand strategy...

13 April 2021
Charles Edel, Hal Brands

President Biden has put the idea of deeper democratic cooperation at the centre of his statements on foreign policy. But what exactly this will entail, conceptually and operationally, and how it might overcome...

26 March 2021
Stephen Loosley

At the Aspen Security Conference in the American summer of 2019, Christopher Wray, director of the FBI, told a story of life in Donald Trump's dysfunctional, sometimes dystopian Washington.

Leaving a meeting in...

16 March 2021
Bruce Wolpe

As Joe Biden assumed the presidency, Scribe reissued his 2008 campaign biography, Promises to Keep. It’s a very smart publishing decision because it brings to us the true bedrock of Biden in...

5 March 2021
Charles Edel

USSC non-resident senior fellow Charles Edel reviews Misha Auslin's new book, "Asia's New Geopolitics: Essays on Reshaping the Indo-Pacific," for Orbis.

27 January 2021
Bruce Wolpe

This is a presidential memoir that was perfectly timed, even though it was reportedly a year late.

If A Promised Land had landed in 2019, it would have had an undue influence on...

28 November 2020
James Curran

This was always going to be one of the more eagerly awaited presidential memoirs in living memory. Not only because of Barack Obama’s astonishing success in his rise to the White House in...

24 November 2020