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Bruce Wolpe

There is a tinge of frontier democracy in walking in the snow to the historic courthouse in Breckenridge in the Rocky Mountains to vote in Colorado’s Democratic primary. Fourteen other states will also...

4 March 2020
Elliott Brennan

On Saturday night as former vice-president Joe Biden walked into a university hall to greet fans after his overwhelming victory in the South Carolina primary, Curtis Mayfield's 1971 classic Move on Up filled...

3 March 2020
Brendon O'Connor, Daniel Cooper

For some Americans, the most important question in 2020 is what candidate is best placed to beat Trump. For others, what is remarkable is that America has surprisingly emerged as a place where...

2 March 2020
Mia Love

Donald Trump is getting stronger. As a black American, I can see how his message is playing among my friends and family. They are warming to him. As a former target of Trump's...

28 February 2020
Jared Mondschein, Elliott Brennan

There's a reason Australian tourism ads feature panning shots of untouched remote beaches and valleys lined with vineyards.

The value of Australia's agriculture and livestock, from shiraz to Wagyu beef, is inherently tied...

26 February 2020
John Lee

China’s Xi Jinping is a confident salesman. He tells Latin American, African and Southeast Asian countries that "Once the water rises, the lotus blooms higher" and "When the big river is full of water...

25 February 2020
Bruce Wolpe

As former mayor of South Bend, Indiana Pete Buttigieg emerges as a leading contender for the Democratic nomination for president following his strong showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, an issue in the...

19 February 2020
Lavina Lee, John Lee

It has been a challenging 12 months for the People’s Republic of China and its paramount leader, President Xi Jinping.

Domestically, many are blaming the Communist Party for the spread of the coronavirus...

15 February 2020
Ashley Townshend

In Washington last week, US ­Defence Secretary Mark Esper bluntly laid out the central dilemma looming over America’s national security community: “If we keep focusing on the near term, we will miss the...

14 February 2020
Bruce Wolpe

The Democratic race was recast yesterday in New Hampshire. It is now a field of four: two frontrunners, Senator Bernie Sanders and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Senator Amy Klobuchar, who now has new...

13 February 2020
Claire McFarland

Australia’s strong agricultural science has built a reputation for quality. Australian beef in particular is highly sought after around the world. Almost three quarters of the beef produced in Australia is exported, making...

12 February 2020
Gorana Grgic

Meanwhile, the rest of the world adjusts to uncertainty in no small part fuelled by the incumbent US President.

9 February 2020
Bruce Wolpe

The court of impeachment in the United States Senate was adjourned by Chief Justice John Roberts “sine die” – without any future date being designated – but the court of public opinion about...

8 February 2020
Stephen Loosley

The Iowa Democratic Party has achieved the most astonishing transmission failure since the Dallas police endeavoured to transport Lee Harvey Oswald out of their basement garage.

A fiasco has eclipsed what was an...

7 February 2020
Brendan Thomas-Noone

Early last week, the academic community awoke to the startling news that the head of Harvard’s prestigious chemistry department – Charles M. Lieber – was in handcuffs, charged with lying to the FBI.


7 February 2020
Bruce Wolpe

This will likely be the last time Iowa goes first.

The disgraceful shambles of reporting results from this first primary of 2020 feeds immense cynicism about how American democracy functions. It is a...

5 February 2020
Stephen Kirchner

The Reserve Bank of Australia left its official cash rate unchanged at 0.75 per cent on Tuesday, a decision that was widely expected by financial markets.

Yet the case for monetary policy to...

5 February 2020
Stephen Kirchner

When the Reserve Bank board meets today for the first time this year it is likely to leave its cash rate unchanged at the current all-time low 0.75%.

Afterwards, it will announce its...

4 February 2020
Elliott Brennan

When Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address in a few days he will be only the second US President to do so under the shadow of an active impeachment trial...

3 February 2020
Bryden Spurling

In 1992, Francis Fukuyama’s The end of history and the last man declared liberal democracy and capitalism to be the pre-eminent systems of government and the pinnacle of social evolution. This was it...

3 February 2020