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Aaron Nyerges

While the Aboriginal repatriation of human remains from the Smithsonian Institution should be celebrated as a great achievement, it raises questions about indigenous languages that remain unsettled.

Death does not alter our responsibility...

22 May 2019
Don Scott-Kemmis

Research fellow in the USSC's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Don Scott-Kemmis writes for that the US energy innovation agency, ARPA-E, is a potential model for a research and innovation agency that could...

22 May 2019
Nicole Hemmer

Several states are competing to pass the most draconian abortion restrictions ever devised in the United States. These so-called "heartbeat bills" eliminate access to abortion after six weeks, before many women even know...

20 May 2019
Stephen Loosley

Bob Hawke, Australia’s 23rd prime minister and longest serving Labor PM, who died yesterday, changed the face of Australian national politics.

Hawke’s four governments from 1983-1991, shifted both the perception and reality of...

17 May 2019
Stephen Kirchner

Many will view Donald Trump’s latest threat to raise tariffs as the president seeking to maximise US leverage as the US-China trade talks grind on. But the latest tariff threat further complicates the negotiations.

9 May 2019
Stephen Kirchner

The next Australian government should follow the US Federal Reserve in conducting a review of monetary policy tools, communication and strategy, argues Stephen Kirchner.

9 May 2019
Charles Edel

Beijing’s geopolitical moves continue to obfuscate its larger designs, surprise observers, and render the United States and its allies reactive. The prospect of a Chinese naval base in Cambodia offers a case in...

9 May 2019
Bruce Wolpe

The Democrats in the House of Representatives and the president of the United States are at war. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and most of the House leadership do not want to attempt to impeach...

7 May 2019
John Lee

Six weeks after the federal election, either Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten will fly to Japan to attend the G20 summit in Osaka. In the weeks we were preoccupied with campaigning, the world...

7 May 2019
Kailee Atkinson

The United States and Australia both fall in the lower middle tier of the world’s developed countries for education quality. There are a variety of factors that significantly influence the educational experience of...

6 May 2019
Hilary McGeachy

It’s difficult to get beyond the headlines about the race between the United States and China to set 5G standards, and competition over the future global market for emerging technologies.

2 May 2019
John Lee

Who still believes in Chimerica? The term was introduced more than a decade ago to describe the deepening economic integration between the US and China. It was seen as a symbiotic bilateral economic...

1 May 2019
Charles Edel

It is possible that some sort of a trade deal between Washington and Beijing will be announced shortly. There are a number of problems that an agreement could resolve, and the broad outlines...

30 April 2019
Nicole Hemmer

Robert Mueller's report on the investigation into the 2016 election landed on Thursday, following months of anticipation. With dozens of indictments and several plea deals already public, many of the findings, such as...

21 April 2019
Bruce Wolpe

The report by Robert Mueller, the special counsel charged with investigating Russian interference in the US presidential election of 2016, is a tale of two insults to America’s democracy.

The first – external...

19 April 2019
Simon Jackman, Shaun Ratcliff

Red is the new black, right?

Jeremy Corbyn leads the British Labour Party. Bernie Sanders came close to winning the Democratic Party's nomination for the US presidency describing himself as a "democratic socialist".


11 April 2019
Bruce Wolpe

It’s happened twice in the past two weeks: President Trump has laid out bold positions on immigration (closing the border with Mexico) and health (repealing Obamacare), but then retreated on both. 

This is a man...

10 April 2019
Charles Edel

Europe might seem far away, but its strategic predicament offers important lessons for Australia.

Addressing a joint session of the US congress last week commemorating NATO’s 70th anniversary, secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said that...

9 April 2019
Nicole Hemmer

Now that special counsel Robert Mueller has finished his investigation into the Trump campaign and Russian involvement in the 2016 US election, congressional Democrats are taking the baton, gearing up for a series...

7 April 2019
Maxwell Carver

In the 1960s, the United States faced a crisis when psychedelic drugs became central to the counterculture. Terrified of the consequences of widespread use, the federal government, in 1968, banned these substances. This...

3 April 2019