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Derek Parker

Welcome to a world of cyber war and homemade drones

17 March 2014
Jonathan Bradley

The Gamble acts as a counter to the gossipy Game Change series, but it fails to undermine the case for punditry-driven journalism

17 March 2014
Jacob Heilbrunn

As the United States seeks a new global role, it should heed the counsel of the leading post-war realist

3 March 2014
Marc-William Palen

In this article for The Historical Journal, research associate Marc Palen examines how The Wealth of Nations (1776) was transformed into an amorphous text regarding the imperial question throughout the late nineteenth and early...

11 February 2014
Nicole Hemmer

Although the latest instalment’s explanation of the 2012 election is limited, it offers useful insights into American political culture and campaigns

10 February 2014

The 15th issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

3 February 2014
Linda Jakobson

Relations between the new Australian government and China got off to a rocky start, writes Centre visiting professor Linda Jakobson. In this essay for the Asan Forum, she focuses on relations between the...

25 January 2014
Rodney Taveira

James Ellroy’s oeuvre extends over eighteen books, comprising collections of short stories and reportage (Crime Wave; Hollywood Nocturnes; Destination: Morgue!), trilogies (L.A. Noir; Underworld USA), his...

22 November 2013

The 14th issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

1 November 2013
Michael Koziol

Is technology sapping our attention span and ruining our concentration?

29 October 2013
Jonathan Bradley

How FDR saved liberal democracy by compromising on it

29 October 2013
Martin Morse Wooster

The budget-cutting, small-government inter-war president has emerged as a role model for today’s conservative Republicans

29 October 2013
Jacob Heilbrunn

A timely realist repudiation of neo-conservatives and liberal hawks

28 October 2013
Greg Sheridan

This strange potpourri of chronologically discordant bits and pieces is incoherent and misleading

23 October 2013
Walter S. Montaño

Five key diplomats set the scene for America’s intervention and triumph in World War II

24 September 2013
Margaret Levi, John Ahlquist

In the Interest of Others develops a new theory of organisational leadership and governance to explain why some organisations expand their scope of action in ways that do not benefit their members directly...

9 September 2013
Martin Morse Wooster

Could US ingenuity during the war show the way forward to renewing America today?

2 August 2013

The 13th issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

1 August 2013
David Robert Howell

David R. Howell reviews Rosemary Foot and Andrew Walter's book China, the United States, and Global Order for the July issue of China Journal.

31 July 2013
Tom Switzer

The Weekend Australian

Have the forces of progress, peace, and prosperity reshaped international relations to the point where an increasingly globalised world is "converging towards peace"? Research associate Tom Switzer considers in this review of...

27 July 2013