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Bryden Spurling

Except for US national security adviser John Bolton, this latest fracas with Iran is a crisis nobody wants. Not the US, which is thoroughly fatigued with the Middle East, and has less need...

3 July 2019
Brendon O'Connor, Dan Dixon

An unprecedented 24 Democrats are currently running to be their party’s 2020 presidential nominee. Why are so many well-qualified, ambitious and smart people in the race?

2 July 2019
John Lee

The geopolitical chaos caused by Donald Trump simply highlight the US dollar's attractions over any of its rivals.

26 June 2019
Bruce Wolpe

For President Trump, there is no more important international meeting in his presidency than this weekend’s G20 summit in Osaka. For a man who has mastered “the art of the deal”, he's regularly...

26 June 2019
Jared Mondschein

US President Donald Trump put a last-second halt to what would have been his third military action against targets in the Middle East, after hitting Syria twice. As bombastic as his Twitter account...

24 June 2019
Mia Love

With Democtatic frontrunner Joe Biden's announcement reversing his position on taxpayer-funded abortions, moderate voters in the US are left with few centre-left alternatives to Donald Trump, according to Mia Love.

21 June 2019
Charles Edel, John Lee

Australia and the United States have fought side-by-side in every major conflict for the past 100 years and remained treaty allies since 1951. But while the two nations have been close for so...

20 June 2019
Bruce Wolpe

There has never been a Trump honeymoon. Nor any meaningful period of national unity under the 45th president’s leadership. He is the most unpopular president in modern American history, with poll approval ratings...

19 June 2019
Stephen Kirchner

With its official cash rate now expected to fall below 1%, it is increasingly likely the Reserve Bank will have to change its monetary policy instrument from interest rates to outright asset purchases...

19 June 2019
Stephen Kirchner

With its official cash rate now expected to fall below 1% to a new extraordinarily low close to zero, all sorts of people are saying that the Reserve Bank is in danger of...

18 June 2019
Charles Edel, John Lee

More than half the Australians surveyed in a Pew Research Centre poll of global attitudes and trends last year expressed increased concern over China's growing power and influence. This is hardly surprising given...

17 June 2019
Ashley Townshend

This sobering gathering blended the Thucydidean logic of US-China tensions with the reality of the Indo-Pacific's collective action problem.

11 June 2019
Stephen Kirchner

The experience of the US Federal Reserve shows the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has plenty of options when it comes to easing monetary policy. After 30 months of sitting on its hands...

5 June 2019
Charles Edel, Hal Brands

How should Washington deal with an authoritarian regime that is expanding its influence abroad and repressing its citizens at home? That is the question the United States faces today in dealing with Xi...

2 June 2019
Jared Mondschein, Don Scott-Kemmis

Bob Hawke helped make Australia’s economy globally competitive by making the tough but necessary choice of opening it up to the world. 

There is no denying that, more than three decades after Hawke...

30 May 2019
Jared Mondschein, Elliott Brennan

The man once labelled "the real deputy PM" will now occupy the most important Australian ambassadorship in the world.

The Morrison Government's decision to appoint Liberal stalwart Arthur Sinodinos as Australian ambassador to...

28 May 2019
Shaun Ratcliff

Analysis by USSC lecturer Shaun Ratcliff and published by The Guardian shows most high-income business owners vote for the Coalition and most lower-income workers vote for Labor.

27 May 2019
Mia Love

The conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation has done little to change the political topic du jour. As a former member of Congress, this is of little surprise to me. Throughout this...

22 May 2019
Aaron Nyerges

While the Aboriginal repatriation of human remains from the Smithsonian Institution should be celebrated as a great achievement, it raises questions about indigenous languages that remain unsettled.

Death does not alter our responsibility...

22 May 2019
Don Scott-Kemmis

Research fellow in the USSC's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Don Scott-Kemmis writes for that the US energy innovation agency, ARPA-E, is a potential model for a research and innovation agency that could...

22 May 2019