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Stephen Loosley

USSC visiting fellow Stephen Loosley reviews Craig Collie’s book Code Breakers for The Australian.

22 April 2017
Gorana Grgic

Centre lecturer Gorana Grgic co-authored (with Benjamin E. Goldsmith, Dimitri Semenovich and Arcot Sowmya) this article published in the journal, World Politics.

8 March 2017
Gorana Grgic

In the last years of their existence, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) found themselves facing a similar and very grim state of affairs...

16 February 2017
Adam Lockyer

How would we know a good defence strategy if we saw one? The Asian Century is challenging many of the traditional assumptions at the heart of Australian defence policy and strategy. Defence scholars...

31 January 2017
Gorana Grgic

Centre lecturer Dr Gorana Grgic reviews Andrew Rojecki's book America and the Politics of Insecurity for The RUSI Journal.

21 December 2016
Rodney Taveira, Aaron Nyerges

This special issue of the Australasian Journal of American Studies, edited by the Centre's Rodney Taveira and Aaron Nyerges, arose out of a conference held at the US Studies Centre in June 2015...

15 July 2016
James Brown

The United States Studies Centre's James Brown is the author of Quarterly Essay 62, looking to history, strategy and his own experience to explore these questions. He examines the legacy of the Iraq...

20 June 2016
Rodney Taveira

This essay by Centre lecturer Dr Rodney Taveira examines the loop of contemporary American literary production and reception. Firstly, Taveira reads Nam Le's 'Meeting Elise,' from The Boat (2008), Le's much-awarded collection of short stories set...

3 June 2016
Rebecca Sheehan

This article by Centre lecturer Dr Rebecca Sheehan published in Australian Feminist Studies examines Germaine Greer’s reception in the United States in 1971, the year that The Female Eunuch was first published there. Using hundreds...

3 June 2016
Marc-William Palen

Following the Second World War, the United States would become the leading 'neoliberal' proponent of international trade liberalisation. Yet for nearly a century before, American foreign trade policy was dominated by extreme economic...

18 February 2016
David Smith

Religious freedom is a foundational value of the United States, but not all religious minorities have been shielded from religious persecution in America. This book by USSC academic Dr David Smith examines why...

4 January 2016
Bates Gill

The Handbook of the Politics of China is a comprehensive resource on the latest research on Chinese politics. US Studies Centre visiting professor Dr Bates Gill contributed the chapter "Admiration, ambivalence, antipathy: the...

30 November 2015
Andrea Koch

Andrea Koch, Alex McBratney and Budiman Minasny investigate the viability of a call by the French Government in the lead up to COP21 to increase carbon in the global soil stock by 4...

25 November 2015
Rodney Taveira

Dr Rodney Taveira has contributed this chapter to Fiona Peters and Rebecca Gordon Stewart's book, Crime Uncovered: Anti-Hero.

1 November 2015
Malcolm Jorgensen

American engagement with international law (IL) is regularly criticised as fraught with contradiction and distorted by beliefs in “exceptionalism.” That raises a puzzling question: Why is American international legal policy framed by commitment...

9 September 2015
Susan Eisenhower

The debate over the Russia–Ukraine crisis has its genesis in the arguments over NATO expansion in the 1990s

1 September 2015
Jacob Heilbrunn

The 91-year-old former secretary of state delivers an impressive coda to a career that has had more than its share of distinction

24 August 2015
Ali Wyne

The primary challenge to the pivot to Asia comes from other foreign-policy priorities.

29 June 2015
Marc-William Palen

This essay by Marc-William Palen seeks to trace the many—and often conflicting—economic ideological interpretations of the transatlantic abolitionist impulse. In particular, it explores the contested relationship between free-trade ideology and transatlantic abolitionism, and...

4 June 2015
Bob Carr

The Australian–US relationship today is so comfortable it's hard to imagine a time when the two nations considered abandoning their alliance. Former Australian minister for foreign affairs Bob Carr reviews a new book by research...

30 May 2015