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Jonathan Bradley

How Republican lions set the scene for the triumph of movement conservatism in the United States

3 December 2014
Peter Hatemi, Adam Lockyer

by Adam Lockyer and Peter K. Hatemi

Humans, despite the country they inhabit, the social structures they constitute, and the forms of governments they live under, universally possess political attitudes; that is, those attitudes...

4 November 2014
Leah Farrall

A former senior mujahidin figure and an ex-counter-terrorism analyst cooperating to write a book on the history and legacy of Arab-Afghan fighters in Afghanistan is a remarkable and improbable undertaking. Yet this is...

3 November 2014

The 18th issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

3 November 2014
Tom Switzer

Sydney Morning Herald

Australia's politics might have been tumultuous over the past few years, but even in its most parlous state, the Gillard government was able to pass carbon tax legislation. By contrast...

25 October 2014
Mary Kissel

Hillary Clinton’s account of her time as secretary of state is no companion to Kissinger’s Diplomacy or Thatcher’s Statecraft

10 October 2014
Roger Benjamin

A special edition of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art (Vol 14, Issue 1, 2014), edited by the US Studies Centre's Professor Roger Benjamin has been published. Entitled “American Art, Australian...

18 September 2014
Tim Stanley

For all the 37th president’s flaws, he had an amazing ability to bounce back from serious setbacks

17 September 2014
Thomas Adams

Like the ideology undergirding Occupy Wall Street, Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the Twenty-First Century exhibits a marked lack of historical consciousness and complexity, writes lecturer Thomas Adams. In this essay, he argues...

19 August 2014
Bates Gill

US Studies Centre CEO Dr Bates Gill has contributed the chapter "Untapped Trilateralism: Common Economic and Security Interests of the European Union, the United States and China" to a new book exploring the economic...

13 August 2014
Hugh White

The former prime minister is right to question the bipartisan complacency about the US–Australia alliance, but he overstates his case for abandonment

13 August 2014
Derek Parker

Painting Rupert Murdoch as a money-making conservative does not explain his support for unprofitable publications

4 August 2014

The 17th issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

1 August 2014
Tom Switzer

Spectator UK

From his election to Congress in 1946 to his resignation from the presidency in 1974, Richard Nixon was written off time and again. Research associate Tom Switzer reviews Nixon aide Patrick J...

24 July 2014
Jonathan Bradley

A novel of race and immigration draws US culture with comic precision

7 July 2014
Thomas Adams

In this book US Studies Centre lecturer Thomas J. Adams and the University of New Orleans's Chair in Latin American Studies Steve Striffler look at the history and politics of labour in New Orleans.

26 June 2014
Peter Coleman

The US–Australia intervention in Vietnam could have bought time for South-East Asia to contain the Communist threat

27 May 2014
Marc-William Palen

Centre research associate Marc Palen explores the long controversy surrounding the contested presidential election of 1876 between Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden. The subsequent compromise of 1877 held within it...

27 May 2014

The 16th issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

1 May 2014
John R. Bolton

Bob Gates’s candid description of how he came to detest his job makes for jaw-dropping reading

14 April 2014