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Stephen Loosley

The gifted and personable incoming US Ambassador to Australia, Caroline Kennedy, is the living link to a period in American public life that is now the lost legend of Camelot: “Don’t let it...

10 June 2022
Brendon O'Connor

Mass shootings in the United States are all too common and, sadly, unsurprising to much of the world.

But when the victims of such violence are primary school students, the world takes notice.


26 May 2022
Stephen Loosley

Australia’s greatest prime minister gave this commitment to the US during our darkest hours of World War II (March 14, 1942): “Be assured of the calibre of our national character. This war may...

26 May 2022
Stephen Loosley

In an article published by Sky News, USSC non-resident senior fellow Stephen Loosley writes that defeat does not loom for the Kremlin - it arrived some time ago when the Biden Administration mobilised...

18 May 2022
Victoria Cooper

The United States has now surpassed one million COVID-19 related deaths. As the United States assesses what went wrong, unvaccinated Americans have received a lot of attention. President Biden warned in July 2021...

17 May 2022
Bruce Wolpe

USSC non-resident senior fellow Bruce Wolpe writes for Pearls and Irritations that the United States always votes 1-Australia, and that is where Biden is. Should Labor form government, Albanese will be warmly received...

16 May 2022
Stephen Loosley

The brilliant film director Stanley Kubrick captured on celluloid the absurdities of the first Cold War. Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is a wickedly funny...

6 May 2022
Victoria Cooper

In an unprecedented move, a draft US Supreme Court opinion by Justice Samuel Alito was leaked to POLITICO on Monday 2 May.

Sending shockwaves through the United States and beyond, the statement read...

5 May 2022
Victoria Cooper

Young Americans have given up on politics. Not to sound too much like my fellow young folk, but this isn’t exactly tea (or, ‘new news’, for the boomers at the back).

At first...

3 May 2022
Ashley Townshend, Thomas Lonergan

As Ukraine slowly turns the tide on Russia’s assault, Australian leaders must quickly heed the warning of their resistance. War between major powers is no longer a remote possibility in the 21st century...

26 April 2022
Stephen Loosley

Traditional Russian humour is a very effective means of dealing with adversity, particularly the abuses and absurdities inherent in what passes for governments in that benighted country.

One classic joke from the Soviet...

14 April 2022
Gorana Grgic

Any sort of analysis that tries to draw lessons from an evolving event such as an ongoing major war is a potentially futile task. On the one hand, there is a fog of...

14 April 2022
Ashley Townshend, Peter K. Lee

The Biden administration has repeatedly vowed that it is “intensifying” its focus on the Indo-Pacific region and working to “revitalise” the United States’ network of regional allies and partners.

But even before the...

18 March 2022
Ashley Townshend, Tom Corben

As the United States slides deeper into a proxy war with Russia, Indo-Pacific countries are increasingly concerned about the long-term implications of the Ukraine crisis for America’s power and position in this part...

16 March 2022
Peter K. Lee

The United States must de-emphasise the ideological agenda against China and develop a strategy that resonates with friends and allies in Asia, writes Peter Lee.

The United States and Australia have framed the...

16 March 2022
Tom Corben, Peter K. Lee

The United States is still the “indispensable nation” in maintaining a favorable balance of power against Russia in Europe and China in Asia. But the relative decline in America’s military advantage over these...

16 March 2022
Simon Jackman

US President Joe Biden came to office more than a year ago promising to “build back better”, declaring America was back and returning to its role as the leader of the democratic world...

15 March 2022
Peter K. Lee

South Korea has at times seemed like a lonely reed refusing to sway with the geopolitical winds blowing across Northeast Asia. While the United States and its allies and partners have slowly strengthened...

6 March 2022
Stephen Kirchner

The United States and other leading economies, including Australia, have instituted sweeping financial sanctions on Russian financial institutions and its central bank, adding to a raft of existing measures, some of which have...

28 February 2022
Stephen Loosley

The final scene in the brilliant television series The Sopranos is set in a diner where Tony’s family is gathered for a meal. Daughter Meadow is parking the car.

For all those Speccie...

24 February 2022