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Elliott Brennan

Last week Australia’s spy boss sent ripples through the national security community with the announcement that Asio will shift from using “rightwing extremism” and “Islamic extremism” to using “ideological extremism” and “religious extremism”...

23 March 2021
Gorana Grgic

In the flurry of analyses of Joe Biden’s early policy moves, there is a common thread that depicts the 46th president as an agent of change towards predictability in policymaking, and a much-desired...

17 March 2021
Charles Edel

Patrick Lawrence’s essay “Goodbye, America” (AFA10: Friends, Allies and Enemies) argues that America’s focus on Asia is based on an obsolete understanding of regional dynamics and a nostalgic desire to prolong American primacy. Believing otherwise...

17 March 2021
John Lee

The brinkmanship between the Morrison government and two tech giants was unmissable viewing for Australians and many across the world.

That the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code was passed by...

6 March 2021
Pamela Maddock

As severe winter weather hit Texas late last month, residents suffered the loss of electricity and water, and dozens of people died — from exposure, from house fires, from carbon monoxide poisoning. At...

4 March 2021
David Uren

The Australian and United States governments both ordered urgent reviews of their supply chains last week amid growing concern about their vulnerability to disruption by China.

Australia’s Productivity Commission, which typically takes three...

3 March 2021
Ashley Townshend, David Santoro

The Indo-Pacific Defense Forum excerpted and edited an article from a report published by the United States Studies Cente, Operationalising Deterrence in the Indo-Pacific, written by USSC director of foreign policy and defence...

2 March 2021
Lesley Russell

Sharing vaccines fairly is not only an ethical imperative but also essential to controlling COVID-19 writes USSC non-resident fellow Lesley Russell in Inside Story.

2 March 2021
Stephen Loosley

The hardest task in politics is not to face down your official opponents on the other side of the parliamentary aisle. This comes naturally and is really a matter of political DNA. What...

1 March 2021
Gorana Grgic

The vote for Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial and subsequent acquittal in the Senate fell largely along partisan lines. It was yet more incontrovertible proof of a five-year long process of “hostile takeover”...

26 February 2021
Jim Orchard

Texas has experienced an unusually severe winter storm and the state’s electricity infrastructure has not been able to cope. This situation has prompted a round of climate-based political recriminations with conservatives blaming an...

25 February 2021
Bruce Wolpe

Just like former president Donald Trump, who committed his impeachable high crimes in broad daylight, Facebook, led by Mark Zuckerberg, mugged its 13 million users in Australia not in an unlit back alley...

22 February 2021
David Smith

In the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump, seven out of 50 Republican senators voted to convict the former president of inciting insurrection. This has raised more questions than it has answered about...

19 February 2021
James Curran

US President Joe Biden is playing tough China cards early. The most recent is his proposal that the next meeting of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue be at the leaders’ level. Confined once to...

14 February 2021
Jennifer Hunt

Twice-impeached former US President Donald Trump has evaded conviction once more.

On the fourth day of the impeachment trial, the Senate verdict is in. Voting guilty: 57 senators (representing nearly 70% of the...

14 February 2021
Lesley Russell

If we needed more evidence that national wealth, scientific knowledge, technical know-how and sophisticated healthcare don’t guarantee healthier lives, then the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has provided it. Covid-19 is cutting life...

11 February 2021
John Lee

In a United States Studies Centre interview with John Bolton shortly after he was abruptly fired by Donald Trump in September 2019, the former national security adviser speculated that a Biden administration would...

9 February 2021
Bruce Wolpe

As Donald Trump faces an impeachment trial in the Senate, President Joe Biden faces his own trial - one which is dependent on his delivery of a COVID vaccination program and successful economic...

8 February 2021
David Uren

Former US president Donald Trump’s unfinished and unsuccessful trade wars with both China and some of America’s allies will be hard for his successor Joe Biden to untangle. Biden won’t want to lower...

4 February 2021
Jim Orchard

Mere hours after being inaugurated, President Biden signed a raft of executive orders and other proclamations, all dealing with high profile topics and, in many cases, fulfilling commitments he made during the campaign...

1 February 2021