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Adam Kamradt-Scott

The world is hoping a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine will soon become available. So far, more than 160 candidate vaccines are in development.

Some 31 of these have entered human clinical trials...

17 August 2020
Charles Edel

Today marks the 75th anniversary of Japan’s surrender to American forces in World War II. According to the novelist James Michener in his 1948 Pulitzer Prize-winning “Tales of the South Pacific,” “the...

17 August 2020
Jim Golby

Director of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, Kori Schake, USSC Non-resident Senior Fellow, and Jim Golby, write for Defense One that it is deeply irresponsible, not to mention...

13 August 2020
Stephen Loosley

A Texan friend of mine offered an insightful observation of the 45th US President, Donald J. Trump. At a conference in Washington, he leaned over and said with a grin: “Bear in mind...

12 August 2020
Spencer Maughan

“A crisis is a terrible thing to waste!” said my professor of economics at Stanford University and now Nobel laureate, Paul Romer. He was highlighting the virtue of crises: they create a chance...

12 August 2020
Bruce Wolpe

Joe Biden’s choice of his vice-presidential running mate is imminent. It will be his first “presidential” decision, and is a moment of high consequence for him and his campaign.

And the first 24-to-48...

11 August 2020
Charles Edel

The relationship between Washington and Beijing is increasingly characterised by competition in nearly every field - economic, military, technological, institutional and even ideological. That competition is unlikely to abate, and will in all...

10 August 2020
David Smith

Americans were alarmed last week when their president suggested on Twitter that the November 3 presidential election should be delayed because mail-in ballots would be fraudulent.

With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting...

5 August 2020
Ashley Townshend, Lindsey Ford

The Trump campaign has long enjoyed delivering an unusual musical message during the president’s rallies, frequently blaring the Rolling Stones’ classic “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Last week, the music was...

5 August 2020
James Curran

During discussions with American thinkers, analysts and officials in New York and Washington DC in late 2017, one particular conversation gave a chilling insight into how some see the ultimate strategic calculations in...

4 August 2020
Stephen Loosley

Legend has it that before he accepted Jack Kennedy’s offer to be his vice-presidential running mate, made at the Democratic National Convention in July 1960 in Los Angeles’ Biltmore Hotel, senator Lyndon B...

3 August 2020
Kim Hoggard

In a highly anticipated announcement this week, US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is expected to declare which woman will be his running mate for November's presidential election.

This choice is historic. Given...

3 August 2020
Ashley Townshend, Brendan Thomas-Noone

Amid the pandemic and intensifying strategic competition, the Australia-US alliance is working to adapt to myriad Indo-Pacific challenges and provide critical health security and defence support to our partners.

That’s the key message...

30 July 2020
David Uren

The idea that Australia faces a tension between its security alliance with the United States and its economic relationship with China overlooks the importance of its economic relationship with the United States.


29 July 2020
Ashley Townshend

Canberra, like Washington, is moving to adopt a more active role in deterring and pushing back against China’s coercive statecraft in the Indo-Pacific. But the two countries are not symmetrically aligned on all...

29 July 2020
John Lee

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Defense Minister Linda Reynolds will meet their American counterparts Tuesday in Washington for annual meetings known as AUSMIN. Then they will fly home to Australia and quarantine...

29 July 2020
Bruce Wolpe

The Democratic National Convention is approaching — in virtual form — and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will present his pick for vice president to the delegates for their affirmation.

In 2008, then-Senator...

27 July 2020
Elliott Brennan

The long, harrowing spotlight on policing in the United States is now shining on Portland, Oregon. In the past fortnight, camouflage-clad and unidentified federal officers deployed by the US Department of Homeland Security...

27 July 2020
Ashley Townshend

The 30th round of the annual Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN) will take place in Washington, DC on Tuesday amid immense global disruption and domestic strain accelerated by the spread of COVID-19. Our...

24 July 2020
Zack Cooper, Charles Edel

At the beginning of July, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared that “our region is in the midst of the most consequential strategic realignment since the Second World War.” He wrote that in...

22 July 2020