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Claude Barfield

Though some critics have claimed that US involvement in Asia has been “episodic and reactive” over the past two decades—spanning the beginning and maturation of a new Asian regionalism—US administrations from both major...

30 October 2012
Patrick Cronin

Three key security challenges confront the US’ comprehensive engagement of the Asia-Pacific region. Despite the need to manage China as a long-term geostrategic challenge, analysts should not discount the material threat of North...

30 October 2012
Andrew O'Neil

Whilst the contemporary US-Australia alliance has been historically strong, it reached a high point during the decade 2001-2011 as the relationship became more global in its focus. Since then, alliance relations have continued...

20 October 2012
James Fallows

Executive summary

Led by China, economies across the region have dug, built, manufactured, paved, mined, and “infrastructured” their way toward economic success. At the same time, ‘soft’ power has not paralleled these ‘hard’...
30 August 2012
Michael L'Estrange

Executive summary

The Australia-US alliance is confronted with a range of political, economic, social and demographic changes that have redefined the character of the Asian region and how Asia interacts with the rest...
30 August 2012

Executive summary

In spite of the lessons from history that rising powers almost always upset the status quo and cause conflict, the early 2000s saw a China that was seemingly rising "peacefully." However, despite the...
30 August 2012
Michael Wesley

Executive summary

The strategic changes occurring across Asia underpin thinking about the future of the US-Australia alliance. Over the past decade the regional economy has changed shape, placing China at the centre of...
20 August 2012
Susan Pond

Dr Susan Pond, Adjunct Professor for the Dow Sustainability Program, has compiled this report on the microalgal, advanced biofuels industry in the USA and Australia. It summarises the, scientific basis for microalgal biofuels...

30 April 2011