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Ashley Townshend, Susannah Patton

When the White House announced that U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris would visit Singapore and Vietnam in August, Asia watchers scratched their heads. Sure, Washington has ground to make up in Southeast Asia...

24 August 2021
Bruce Wolpe

While President Biden made the right strategic decision ending the war in Afghanistan and bringing troops home, and he ended it for the right reasons, the tactical execution of the decision has fallen...

23 August 2021
Bruce Wolpe
Peace, if it ever exists, will not be based on the fear of war, but on the love of peace.
It will not be the abstaining from an act, but the coming of...
19 August 2021
Ashley Townshend, Tom Corben

Having wrapped up Exercise Talisman Sabre for 2021, the largest combined military activity on the bilateral defence cooperation agenda, Australia and the United States prepare to mark the 70th anniversary of their alliance...

19 August 2021
Brendon O'Connor, Gorana Grgic, Ashley Townshend, Jared Mondschein, John Lee, Tom Corben, Bruce Wolpe, Toby Warden, Jennifer Jackett, Victoria Cooper, Susannah Patton

What should Australians take away from 20 years of war in Afghanistan? What are the implications of the withdrawal from Afghanistan for Australia and other US allies?

USSC experts below give some brief...

18 August 2021
Bruce Wolpe

Australia had its census last week and is conducted every five years. In the United States it is done every 10 years and, as the Constitution outlines, the results determine how many members...

16 August 2021
Bruce Wolpe

What we see unfolding in Afghanistan echoes 1975 with the fall of South Vietnam and Cambodia after America’s withdrawal.

I was a staffer in the US House of Representatives. A group from Cambodia came by...

16 August 2021
Stephen Loosley

James Ellroy, who delights in the sobriquet of the ‘Demon Dog’ of American crime writing, has returned to the Los Angeles of the mid-1950s with this latest offering of crime and corruption. This...

12 August 2021
Bruce Wolpe

This was President Biden’s best week – and he has had many good ones – since the passage of the American Rescue Plan in March. The Senate cleared a US$1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure...

12 August 2021
Bruce Wolpe

The highly anticipated US Infrastructure Bill is one step closer to reality after it passed a key hurdle at the weekend.

In what was a highly unusual event, the US Senate met over...

9 August 2021
David Smith

Conservative Christians are prominent in Australia’s Liberal-National Coalition parties. Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott are two of the most devout and theologically conservative prime ministers in Australian history.

State Coalition parties have had...

6 August 2021
John Lee

Initially slated to begin in July 2020, the Tokyo Olympic Games were officially postponed until July 2021 by the International Olympic Committee and then Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe after Australia and...

5 August 2021
Bruce Wolpe

In their incisive, dramatic and masterful account of President Donald Trump’s last year in office – what we read is “the closest version of the truth that we could determine based on rigorous...

30 July 2021
Stephen Kirchner

The US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) last week released its 2020 data on the US direct investment position abroad on the part of its multinational enterprises. This allows us to update...

28 July 2021
Bruce Wolpe

Friday evening, just before escaping to his beloved Delaware for the weekend (his, wife, the First Lady, was in Japan for the Olympics), President Biden slipped across the Potomac River into Virginia...

26 July 2021
Brendon O'Connor, Daniel Cooper

When Barack Obama was elected president, many commentators predicted a reversal of the ideologically charged foreign policy of George W. Bush. As the years unfolded, descriptions of President Obama's foreign policy diverged significantly...

22 July 2021
Gorana Grgic

In the first of two policy briefs with the NATO Defense College as part of her 2021 NATO Partners Across the Globe Fellowship, Dr Gorana Grgic addresses the strategic quandary that the Indo-Pacific...

21 July 2021
Shaun Ratcliff, Andrea Carson, Leah Ruppanner

As the latest outbreak of COVID-19 threatens to extend lockdowns in Victoria and New South Wales, we find evidence of a growing gap in public trust in COVID-19 information that may slow our...

20 July 2021
Bruce Wolpe

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden will mark 6 months in office. He has had strong successes, but there is much more to accomplish ahead

Biden’s popularity is positive and steady above 50 per cent. His...

19 July 2021
Bruce Wolpe

It is a shame former US president Trump did not study the constitution he swore an oath to "preserve, protect, and defend" when he assumed office on January 20, 2017. Sure enough...

19 July 2021