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Jennifer Hunt

Twice-impeached former US President Donald Trump has evaded conviction once more.

On the fourth day of the impeachment trial, the Senate verdict is in. Voting guilty: 57 senators (representing nearly 70% of the...

14 February 2021
James Curran

US President Joe Biden is playing tough China cards early. The most recent is his proposal that the next meeting of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue be at the leaders’ level. Confined once to...

14 February 2021
Lesley Russell

If we needed more evidence that national wealth, scientific knowledge, technical know-how and sophisticated healthcare don’t guarantee healthier lives, then the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has provided it. Covid-19 is cutting life...

11 February 2021
John Lee

In a United States Studies Centre interview with John Bolton shortly after he was abruptly fired by Donald Trump in September 2019, the former national security adviser speculated that a Biden administration would...

9 February 2021
Bruce Wolpe

As Donald Trump faces an impeachment trial in the Senate, President Joe Biden faces his own trial - one which is dependent on his delivery of a COVID vaccination program and successful economic...

8 February 2021
David Uren

Former US president Donald Trump’s unfinished and unsuccessful trade wars with both China and some of America’s allies will be hard for his successor Joe Biden to untangle. Biden won’t want to lower...

4 February 2021
Jim Orchard

Mere hours after being inaugurated, President Biden signed a raft of executive orders and other proclamations, all dealing with high profile topics and, in many cases, fulfilling commitments he made during the campaign...

1 February 2021
James Curran

When the outgoing Trump administration unexpectedly declassified its “top-secret” Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific last month, some Australian commentators quickly claimed credit for Canberra’s influence in shaping a tougher US-China policy.

Their judgment...

31 January 2021
James Curran

It is rare to find a journalist, analyst, or indeed historian – this writer included – able to resist the allure of a secret government document unexpectedly liberated into the public domain. It is...

26 January 2021
Brendon O'Connor

In Joe Biden’s inaugural address a central aspiration was for the re-establishment of “truth” as a core commitment in American life: “...each of us has a duty and responsibility, as citizens, as Americans...

25 January 2021
Jennifer Hunt

On TIME Magazine's cover this week, the 46th President of the United States reports for his first day of work to find the hastily vacated office in a state of disarray: ransacked...

23 January 2021
Lesley Russell

The transfer of presidential power conferred through the electoral process is a great and admirable American tradition, a pillar of American democracy admired around the world.

At noon on January 20 Joe Biden...

21 January 2021
Simon Jackman

The high watermark of inauguration speeches is Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, delivered in 1865 to an exhausted Union, with the end of the Civil War just a month away. Its spare 700...

21 January 2021
Bruce Wolpe

January 20 is Joe Biden’s first day as president. And Donald Trump’s last.

It is a measure of Trump’s corruption of the Zeitgeist that while more than 3000 Americans are dying each day...

20 January 2021
Stephen Loosley

Great American writer John Updike used to refer to his home state of Pennsylvania as being the doughy middle of America. Updike was perhaps more acute in his observation than he may have...

19 January 2021
James Curran

Turn over an American one-dollar bill and you’ll find an image from the United States’ Great Seal. An unfinished pyramid, its apex floats separately above the base and features the eye of divine...

17 January 2021
David Uren

Analysts are expecting China’s economic output in the first three months of 2021 to be 15% to 18% higher than in the same period in 2020 when the coronavirus struck, highlighting the enormous...

14 January 2021
Brendan Thomas-Noone

In a 1982 speech, then-US Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger warned that the United States had for the better part of a decade facilitated unfettered technological transfer and trade with the Soviet...

12 January 2021
Simon Jackman, Elliott Brennan

During the final presidential debate, Donald Trump told white supremacists and the notorious Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by". This week they stood up and embarrassed the United States before the...

9 January 2021
Bruce Wolpe

Imagine if there was a prime minister who was a bitterly divisive figure but still commanded a majority of support in his caucus. Imagine this prime minister faced a vote of no confidence...

8 January 2021