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David Uren

There is a magic to rare earths, the set of 17 elements that appears halfway down the periodic table. Discovered at the birth of the industrial age in the late 1700s, rare earths...

9 October 2019
Stephen Kirchner

When people think of monetary policy, they usually think of the Reserve Bank of Australia changing its official cash rate.

This is the rate at which banks borrow and lend to each other...

7 October 2019
Gorana Grgic

The odds of Trump being impeached are uncertain. But the impeachment inquiry will lead to political turmoil, writes Gorana Grgic.

3 October 2019
Simon Jackman, Elliott Brennan

In light of a slew of stories about phone calls and presidential favours, Prime Minister Scott Morrison's sheening new Trump moniker — "man of titanium" — has led some quarters to task him...

3 October 2019
Simon Jackman

US President Donald Trump’s conversation with Scott Morrison, seeking Australian co-operation with a US Justice Department ­investigation of the Mueller ­inquiry, is procedurally routine yet politically extraordinary.

Australian and US governments co-operate on...

2 October 2019
Aaron Nyerges

The Dead Don’t Die is – in a manner of thinking – Jim Jarmusch’s second zombie film. Technically, Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) is a vampire film, but its central character, the...

24 September 2019
John Lee

Scott Morrison joined US President Donald Trump at the ­weekend in subtly changing the economic conversation with ­respect to China. Not so long ago it was largely a one-sided debate about what we...

24 September 2019
Simon Jackman

The US made no big ask of Scott Morrison in exchange for dinner on the White House lawn. But there are still many unresolved questions.

23 September 2019
James Brown

The aerial strikes on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia last weekend offer a glimpse of the future of warfare.

The largest disruption of global oil supplies on record wasn’t caused by a bomber...

20 September 2019
Stephen Loosley

In the four volumes of his biography of Lyndon Johnson, begun more than four decades ago, and in his earlier masterpiece, The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York...

19 September 2019
Gorana Grgic

Bolton’s ouster makes clear the US president’s policy isn’t “America first”, but “Trump first”.

17 September 2019
David Smith

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s official visit to Washington this week carries some prestige. It is just the second “official visit” (including a state dinner) by a foreign leader during the Trump presidency, and...

16 September 2019
John Lee

The departure of John Bolton shows precisely why Morrison's state visit to the US matters. In a Trump US, personal relations are paramount and the key to influence.

13 September 2019
Dougal Robinson

After decades of centrist foreign policy, the Democratic Party’s platform is getting tougher on China and growing more sceptical of the utility of free trade, high defence­ spending and US leadership in the...

12 September 2019
Bruce Wolpe

President Trump is savouring his must-win victory in North Carolina’s 9th congressional district (NC-9). It was a Republican win in a deep Republican state. Trump in 2016 and Mitt Romney in 2012 both...

12 September 2019
Charles Edel

Around the world, political freedom isn’t just slipping away — it’s getting dragged down by fervent enemies, writes Senior Fellow Charles Edel.

10 September 2019
Jack Brown

The 2020 Democratic primary debates have revived various promises of new government spending and services without mention of how to finance the subsequent deficit.

5 September 2019
Freya Zemek

President Trump has every reason to want a resolution to the trade war with China. But the chance of striking a deal by Christmas is more remote than ever. 

3 September 2019
Bruce Wolpe

Since the advent in the 1960s of the modern system of party primaries for presidential nominations, no incumbent president seeking re-election has been successful if challenged in the primaries.

30 August 2019
Ashley Townshend, Brendan Thomas-Noone, Matilda Steward

The United States is facing a serious crisis of strategic insolvency in which the ends of its expansive strategy for building the liberal order outstrip the budgetary and military means at Washington’s disposal.

30 August 2019