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Gorana Grgic

Since the election of Donald Trump as US president, NATO summits have assumed a somewhat familiar template – a growing discord among the allies, compounded with the drama and theatrics at the margins...

9 December 2019
Bruce Wolpe

As if we need to witness the lesson once again, politics can be harsh and cruel. A candidacy that began with such promise in Oakland California barely 11 months ago with 20,000 people...

4 December 2019
David Uren

In principle, its the perfect match. The US military has a great need for critical minerals and is concerned that too many of its supplies are sourced from China and Russia. Australia has...

28 November 2019
Stephen Kirchner

Last night, in a much-anticipated speech broadcast live on the Reserve Bank’s website, Governor Phil Lowe laid out in very clear terms the circumstances in which the bank would resort to quantitative easing...

27 November 2019
Bruce Wolpe

It has been clear for some time that the House Intelligence Committee will recommend at least two articles of impeachment against President Trump: 

For bribery and abuse of power, in terms of Trump’s...
20 November 2019
Stephan Frühling, Andrew O'Neil, David Santoro

Speaking at the Hudson Institute in Washington two weeks ago, Defence Minister Linda Reynolds affirmed Australia’s readiness to play a more active role in supporting US deterrence in the Indo-Pacific. Her remarks come...

15 November 2019
Bruce Wolpe

Michael Bloomberg has two dominant obsessions: defeating Donald Trump and becoming the 46th president. He will not head the effort to attain either.

13 November 2019
Charles Edel

However much countries worry about Donald Trump's erratic White House, the more pressing question is how to deal with a rising and increasingly assertive China.

8 November 2019
Stephen Kirchner

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has declared that “after careful consideration” and consultation with the Reserve Bank and Treasury, the government will not change its agreement on monetary policy with the RBA.

This is unfortunate...

6 November 2019
Aaron Nyerges

Martin Scorsese, as the world well knows, makes movies about Italian restaurants. Sure, he makes bloody crime films, too, but at some level he seems to be asking: what’s the difference?

6 November 2019
Charles Edel

Over the last several months, opponents of the ongoing protests in Hong Kong have clashed with protest supporters at universities across the world. In Australia and New Zealand, pro-Beijing students have occasionally shoved...

4 November 2019
Elliott Brennan, Paige Remington

New York businessman and entrepreneur Andrew Yang's unconventional bid to win the Democratic presidential nomination was supposed to be a long-shot campaign.

30 October 2019
John Lee

USSC senior fellow John Lee authored this op-ed published by The Japan Times.

28 October 2019
David Uren

An article written for ASPI's Strategist by former economics editor of The Australian, David Uren, about his research for the US Studies Centre about Australian government support for rare earths production.

24 October 2019
Bruce Wolpe

While impeachment has many political dimensions that will shape whether a president survives it – Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton did, but Richard Nixon did not – there are two things that stick...

23 October 2019
Brendon O'Connor

During the 2016 US presidential campaign, people around the world were regularly reassured by election experts that Donald Trump was too outrageous to be elected president.

Reflecting this conventional wisdom, Hilary Clinton campaign’s...

21 October 2019
Bruce Wolpe

This week, Donald Trump, the 45th man to occupy the office, marked his 1000th day as President of the United States. The same milestone was commemorated by Arthur Schlesinger Jr’s elegiac history and...

19 October 2019
Bruce Wolpe

For every Democrat who wants to know who their presidential candidate will be in 2020, you're going to have to wait a while longer.

16 October 2019
Stephen Kirchner

China will be the ultimate winner if the cost to Americans hits home in an election year.

14 October 2019
Brendon O'Connor

The whistle-blower scandal reveals something essential about Donald Trump’s repeatedly questionable and idiosyncratic behaviour.

9 October 2019