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Stephen Kirchner

Tonight we will get one of the first official reads on the impact of COVID-19 on the US economy, when the Labor Department releases initial jobless claims (unemployment insurance) for the week of...

26 March 2020

Over the coming weeks and months, the United States Studies Centre will bring you a new series of research briefs and reports titled COVID-19: The Big Questions. 

COVID-19 is impacting all of us, changing the...

25 March 2020
Lesley Russell

The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world brings more than illness, death and economic chaos; it brings existential and ethical dilemmas about how to provide care for the elderly who are most at risk...

25 March 2020
Bruce Wolpe

The hyper-partisan warriors on Capitol Hill began laying down their arms on Tuesday in Washington, with agreement in reach on a US$2 trillion economic relief and stimulus package to combat the brutal pain...

25 March 2020
Simon Jackman

War, natural disasters and pandemics thrust attention onto incumbent politicians, those charged with responding to catastrophes with the command of the resources of the state. As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the United States...

25 March 2020
Mia Love

Americans who last month fixated on the dynamics of a presidential primary and the excitement of playoff basketball have had a rude awakening in the last two weeks. The United States has now...

25 March 2020
Stephen Kirchner

The Reserve Bank pulled its punches last week, leaving on the table powerful tools that could have been deployed to amplify the effectiveness of monetary policy. The RBA should have followed the Fed’s...

25 March 2020
Stephen Kirchner

The extreme volatility and losses seen in stock markets in recent weeks has seen calls for financial markets to be closed and short selling restricted.

But shutting them down would be a mistake...

23 March 2020
Zoe Meers

Five primary elections in five US states were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic this week. The governors of Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, and Ohio postponed upcoming elections to determine the Democratic candidate...

21 March 2020
Brendon O'Connor

Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor in The Conversation.

19 March 2020
Stephen Kirchner

The Reserve Bank is expected to follow other central banks in easing monetary policy, with Governor Lowe scheduled to give a video address Thursday afternoon. Reading between the lines of recent statements, the...

19 March 2020
Claire McFarland

First-hand accounts from the front line of the battle against COVID-19 at ground zero have shown the critical role both local and large Chinese technology companies played in containing and minimising the spread...

19 March 2020
Lesley Russell

As the novel coronavirus sweeps around the world, public health systems and political leaders in every country are put to the test – literally in the case of testing capacity and figuratively in...

18 March 2020
John Lee

Chinese President Xi Jinping is conducting a war on three fronts: to control and eventually reduce the spread of COVID-19 within China, shut down discussion about the failings of the one-party state and...

16 March 2020
Bruce Wolpe

The stars in the political heavens were almost aligned. Two weeks ago, the prospect that a Jew would be nominated by the Democratic Party to be president of the United States was so...

12 March 2020
Gorana Grgic

The United States’ European allies have been worrying about the state of their alliance, but the Indo-Pacific can provide an arena for cooperation that could help calm some of the friction that has...

11 March 2020
Kim Hoggard

Women in Politics: The end of Elizabeth Warren's run as Democratic hopeful has been met with a landslide of commentary about whether her campaign was shanghaied by sexism. How could a woman who...

10 March 2020
David Smith

Super Tuesday has continued Joe Biden’s recovery from the brink of disaster.

After a larger-than-expected win in South Carolina, Biden became the clear alternative to Bernie Sanders in the contest to be the...

6 March 2020
Bruce Wolpe

There is a tinge of frontier democracy in walking in the snow to the historic courthouse in Breckenridge in the Rocky Mountains to vote in Colorado’s Democratic primary. Fourteen other states will also...

4 March 2020
Jim Orchard

The climate and decarbonisation policies of leading Democratic presidential candidates suggests the party has become more aligned and more progressive on this topic since the end of the Obama administration.

3 March 2020