The world economy is undergoing a patchwork reversal of global integration as major powers seek to “de-risk” key economic relationships and use new policy tools to boost domestic investment in strategic industries.

The United States Studies Centre invites you to join us as we convene a major international conference — “Economic Security in a Turbulent World” — to discuss these issues, bringing together policymakers, business executives and leading experts from the United States, Europe, and Asia, as well as from Australia.

Panel discussions will address the following topics:

  • A conceptual framework for economic security: what are the key risks and trade-offs governments and companies must navigate?
  • Policy approaches in this new era: how are different countries and regions working to de-risk challenging economic relationships and build resilience?
  • Tools and levers: what tools of economic statecraft are on the rise? – from industrial policy and green subsidies to export controls and investment screening
  • Business perspectives on the nexus between geopolitical risk and economic policy: How can business shape approaches to supply chain resilience, critical technologies, etc?
  • Strategic competition and the tech wars: Are the US and China locked in a zero-sum struggle?
  • The future of global economic governance: What role can the WTO and other institutions play in the face of rising economic nationalism?
  • The geopolitics of the energy transition: Where does Australia fit in the clean energy/green tech value chain post the US Inflation Reduction Act?

Save the date for the opportunity to learn from leading experts in geopolitics and economic policy and engage in robust and interactive discussion on the key issues facing Australia, the United States and the Alliance.

Speakers, agenda and registration information coming soon.

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