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The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney is a university-based research centre, dedicated to the rigorous analysis of American foreign policy, economics, politics and culture. The Centre is a national resource, that builds Australia’s awareness of the dynamics shaping America — and critically — their implications for Australia.

Bruce Wolpe

A US committee investigating the January 6th Capitol Hill Riots has today voted to find former Trump adviser Steve Bannon in contempt of congress.

The vote comes after Bannon refused to comply with...

20 October 2021
Simon Jackman

United States Studies Centre CEO Simon Jackman said during a interview with Sky News that US President Joe Biden’s problem with his ambitious climate agenda is he only has 50 democratic votes in...

19 October 2021
Ashley Townshend

Rappler spoke to USSC director of foreign policy and defence Ashley Townshend who explained China’s reaction to the recently signed trilateral security agreement among Australia, the UK and the US.

16 October 2021

Australia is well-placed to shape the Biden administration’s evolving approach to deterrence challenges in the Indo-Pacific, according to new research from the United States Studies Centre (USSC). Washington has proposed a new concept...

15 October 2021
Stephen Kirchner

The Australian Financial Review reports on growing calls for Australia to reopen its borders as soon as possible and ease an 18-month crunch on imported labour. Experts say the shortage will drain productivity...

13 October 2021
Simon Jackman

US Studies Centre CEO Simon Jackman says it remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated in America. He told Sky News, “critically, deaths from COVID are on a per capita basis of about 2,000...

11 October 2021
Simon Jackman

US Studies Centre CEO Simon Jackman spoke to Sky News, saying the Republican nomination for 2024 is Donald Trump’s if he wants it.

“He has power over the Republican Party that we haven’t...

11 October 2021
Ashley Townshend

The United States is upping its military game in the Indo-Pacific, by leveraging allies to counter China, reports The Straits Times. The article quotes USSC director of foreign policy and defence Ashley Townshend.

11 October 2021

Richard McGregor writes for the Australian Financial Review that Australia has received more back-up from Washington than other regional allies did in spats with Beijing. But, he writes, it’s not going to help...

8 October 2021
Ashley Townshend, Tom Corben, Susannah Patton

Defence Connect reports that since assuming power in January, US President Joe Biden has sought to assure allies of the country’s commitment to countering Beijing’s increasingly insidious behaviour on the world stage, particularly...

7 October 2021
Ashley Townshend

The Australian reports that Australia is far more likely to buy a version of Britain’s Astute submarine than the US Virginia-class under the AUKUS defence partnership. The article quotes USSC director of foreign...

6 October 2021
Simon Jackman

The United States Studies Centre’s CEO Simon Jackman spoke to Sky News about President Joe Biden’s $1tn infrastructure bill.

4 October 2021
Charles Edel

Georgetown's Institute for the Study of Diplomacy Director of Programs and Research Kelly McFarland talks to scholars of US foreign policy Emma Ashford from the Atlantic Council and Charles Edel from the United...

1 October 2021

China’s geoeconomic tactics are stymieing its bid for influence in the Indo-Pacific and presents a strategic weakness that Australia and the United States need to exploit, according to new research from the United...

30 September 2021

Yahoo! Finance refers to research published by the United States Studies Centre looking at the barriers to successful innovation in Australia.

29 September 2021
Ashley Townshend

The Diplomat’s Asia Geopolitics podcast host Ankit Panda spoke to Ashley Townshend, director of Foreign Policy and Defence at the United States Studies Centre, about the new Australia-United Kingdom-United States trilateral partnership, or AUKUS.

28 September 2021
John Lee

USSC Non-Resident Senior Fellow John Lee appeared on ABC's The Drum to discuss the collapse of Chinese property giant Evergrande and what this means for the United States and Australia.

27 September 2021
Simon Jackman

US Studies Centre CEO Simon Jackman says Donald Trump remains the presumptive Republican nominee for president. Former president Trump has not yet indicated whether he is planning to run again in 2024 following...

27 September 2021

SBS quotes Shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong who warned that the federal government must not sacrifice Australia's independence as it streaks ahead with a closer reliance on US and British technology during a...

26 September 2021
John Lee

USSC non-resident senior fellow is interviewed by Khabarhub.

25 September 2021