Ed Leamer, one of America's leading economic forecasters, provided expert analysis on the global economic crisis. Professor Leamer addressed:

  • Is the US leading the world back to the dark days of protectionism? 
  • Will Barack Obama's $1.5 trillion stimulus lead to a global recovery, and what if it doesn't? 
  • What are the implications for people, businesses and government in Australia and around the world?

Based at UCLA, Leamer was the first to predict the 2001 US recession and to warn of the seriousness of America's growing housing bubble in 2005. The world now faces the worst global economic downturn since the Great Depression. Benefit from Professorr Leamer's authoritative insights in this exclusive visit to Australia.

Professor Leamer is director of the Anderson Forecast, professor at UCLA and a visiting scholar at the IMF and the Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve System.

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