Once again the Manning Bar was packed with eager Election Watch followers to witness the inauguration of Barack Obama on the big screen. Despite the summer heat and university holidays more than 500 people attended the event. Our life-size Obama cut-out was busy posing for photos and Obama Burgers were the most popular item on the menu.

The audience laughed and cheered as they watched the best entries in the Campaign Mash Up competition on the big screen. The winning entry attracted the most applause and even a few jealous murmurs could be heard when it became known the prize was a trip to the Inauguration.

The Manning Bar crowd watched the swearing-in of Vice-President Biden and President Obama, applauding and cheering as they completed the oath. The loudest cheer was when Senator Feinstein introduced Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

Earlier in the day more than 100 guests were invited for breakfast at Sydney's MLC Centre to watch Barack Obama's inauguration speech. The event was co-sponsored by the US Studies Centre, American Australian Association and the Consulate General of the United States, Sydney. Following the screening of the Presidential Oath and Inaugural Speech, the CEO of the US Studies Centre, Professor Geoffrey Garrett, provided analysis of Obama's speech.

A large media contingent attended both events, interviewing members of the audience and staff from the US Studies Centre.