The United States Studies Centre coordinates the American Studies program for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney. American Studies is an interdisciplinary major incorporating units of study from the United States Studies Centre and from the departments of Government and International Relations, History, English and Gender and Cultural Studies.

The American Studies program draws on the combined expertise of the United States Studies Centre and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to offer Australia’s broadest range of undergraduate units focused on the United States, which enables you to develop a critical, multi-faceted understanding of the United States and its global influence.

The Centre also offers a fourth-year honours program.

American Studies coordinator

Dr Aaron Nyerges is the Academic Director and a Senior Lecturer in American Studies at the United States Studies Centre. He holds a PhD in English from the University of Sydney and a BA in Creative Writing from the State University of New York. His work focuses on the relationship between literature, media, and geography. His research appears in Textual PracticeSound Studies, The Australasian Journal of American Studies, and The Journal of Popular Culture, as well as in numerous edited collections.

Units of study

Our units of study cover a wide range of subject areas from US politics to American comedy, climate change to dissent and protest.


Upon completing a Bachelor’s degree, students can pursue a year-long research project that involves the production of a thesis.

Meet our faculty

USSC lecturers are some of the highest-rated on campus. With expertise spanning US politics, culture and foreign policy, our academic team will help you add a global perspective to your degree.