Units of study

The US Studies Centre teaches some of the most innovative and interesting undergraduate units in Australia.

“...some of the most unique, creative, and respected units you will undertake during your study. Basically — GET ON IT!”
— University of Sydney Union’s Counter Course Handbook 2016

Available to all University of Sydney students, these units cover a wide range of subject areas from US politics to American comedy, and anti-Americanism to rock music.

Some of these units can be completed as part of a major in American Studies, Government and International Relations, Gender and Cultural Studies, International Business, Music, English, or History.

Students may also choose to apply for cross-institutional or non-award study.

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New for 2017!

Students enrolled in any undergraduate program with two or more USSC- or AMST-coded units (excluding AMST2602) for Semester 1 or 2 will receive a free course in Spanish-language instruction at the Centre for Continuing Education. More details

Semester 1, 2017

Semester 2, 2017