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Tom Switzer

The Spectator

Research associate Tom Switzer reviews Richard N. Haass's Foreign Policy Begins at Home, calling it a book that should be on President Barack Obama's reading list.

5 July 2013
Jonathan Bradley

The story of a once industrial powerhouse of the Midwest now blighted by drugs and crime

30 May 2013
Gregory Melleuish

American conservatives have little to gain by reverting to 18th century principles

22 May 2013
Ramesh Thakur

Kishore Mahbubani shows once again why he is one of the world’s leading thinkers

8 May 2013

The 12th issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

1 May 2013
Walter S. Montaño

How Mexican food entered American popular culture

30 April 2013
Margaret Levi

Professor Margaret Levi writes that we are in an era of Big Books, books with a magisterial sweep of the history of the world. All share the desire to explain why some countries...

3 April 2013
Stephen Morris

The gulag solidifies the Kim family regime

21 March 2013
Marc-William Palen

In this article for Diplomatic History, Dr Marc Palen uncovers the forgotten late-nineteenth-century American free trade movement and the influx of Victorian free trade ideology in the United States, looking particularly at...

13 March 2013
Nicole Hemmer

Inside the mind of America's most well-known forecaster

4 March 2013
Marc-William Palen

An article by Dr Marc Palen published in the Journal of the Civil War Era.

26 February 2013
Tom Switzer

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

A little more than four decades ago, China was a global pariah, writes research associate Tom Switzer in his review of newly published books The China Breakthrough:...

16 February 2013

The 11th issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

1 February 2013
Margaret Levi

Professor Margaret Levi provides an introduction to The Annual Review of Political Science's publication of thirteen articles on the problem of Domestic Political Violence and Civil War. Among the enduring questions in...

31 January 2013
Harry Melkonian

Dr Harry Melkonian writes on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (Obama-care) for the Macquarie Law Journal. The article presents an analysis of the various aspects of the Supreme Court decision.

31 January 2013
Harry Melkonian

Traditionally, freedom of speech has been justified as necessary for democratic government and as an essential individual right. This study by Dr Harry Melkonian departs from traditional legal and philosophical theories and breaks...

30 January 2013
Jacob Heilbrunn

Once elected, American presidents discover the impotence of office

20 November 2012
Peter Coleman

Despite his denials, David Marr has written a political tract

19 November 2012
Margaret Levi

Margaret Levi, Tom R. Tyler and Audrey Sacks contribute the chapter "The Reasons for Compliance with Law" to the book Understanding Social Action, Promoting Human Rights edited by Ryan Goodman, Derek Jinks, and...

16 November 2012

The tenth issue of the Centre's magazine, American Review.

1 November 2012