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The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, with the support of the Dow Chemical Company, has released the final report from the Dow Sustainability Program. The report draws together the...

1 September 2016
David Brewster

Australia should lead in creating a strong partnership with India that complements our core alliance with the United States, according to a new report written by David Brewster for the United States Studies...

25 August 2016
Bates Gill, Evelyn Goh, Chin-Hao Huang

This new US Studies Centre report by Dr Bates Gill, Dr Evelyn Goh and Dr Chin-Hao Huang provides an in-depth assessment of the emerging and increasingly competitive strategic dynamic amongst the United States, China...

22 June 2016
Linda Jakobson

Despite dire predictions by some experts, the United States and China are not on a collision course according to this report by visiting professor Linda Jakobson. Professor Jakobson's report emphasises that while the...

10 May 2016

This report, conducted by Foundation Center with the collaboration of the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney and Philanthropy Australia, takes an in-depth look at the considerable contributions US foundations make...

4 April 2016
Elsina Wainwright

In this US Studies Centre report, Elsina Wainwright looks at the role of the US-Australia alliance in the rapidly changing Indo-Asia-Pacific region. Wainwright recommends that ANZUS becomes more enmeshed in the network of...

15 March 2016
Sandy Burgoyne, David Paul Rosen, Catherine Gilbert

What sits behind the term "affordable housing" is creating and maintaining equitable communities for people to live and work, where economic and social diversity is embraced and fostered. The success of adopting inclusionary...

18 February 2016
Bill Hayton

In a new report released by the US Studies Centre, Bill Hayton reviews Vietnam's foreign policy as it cements itself as an emerging leader in South-East Asia. Hayton looks at Vietnam's attitudes towards...

1 December 2015
Edward Blakely, Sandy Burgoyne, Joe Langley

In 2015, the Future Cities Collaborative embarked on a program to help local governments in New South Wales learn new and innovative financing mechanisms so they could provide better services and infrastructure in...

27 November 2015
Natasha Hamilton-Hart

In this report, Dr Natasha Hamilton-Hart and Dr Dave McRae review Indonesia's foreign policy as it seeks to pursue enhanced bilateral ties with both the United States and China. Hamilton-Hart and McRae look...

24 November 2015
Jurgen Haacke

In this US Studies Centre report Jürgen Haacke reviews opportunities to strengthen security-related ties between Myanmar and the United States. Haacke examines developments in Myanmar–US relations under President U Thein Sein and the...

11 November 2015
Susan Pond

Hosted by the US Studies Centre in partnership with the NSW Government, the conference brought together experts from the US and Australia from the military, business, government and the scientific communities to address...

20 August 2015
Hugh Bradlow

Today digital technology is viewed as additive to the physical world: something that enhances but does not replace the use of physical infrastructure. However, this paper by Hugh Bradlow and Arjun Jayachandra, presented at...

14 July 2015

The Australia Matters for America/America Matters for Australia report is part of the Asia Matters for America initiative at the East-West Center in Washington. This edition was produced in partnership with the United...

24 March 2015

The publication of the Alliance 21 report, The Australia-US Partnership marks the completion of three years' research and collaboration at the highest levels of the Australia-US alliance. It sets out clear strategic guideposts...

1 October 2014
Geoffrey Garrett, Sean Gallagher

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are leading the greatest upheaval in university education since the advent of the printing press according to a new report co-authored by chief operating officer and research associate at...

1 August 2013
Bates Gill

Collectively, the European Union, China and the United States constitute over half of global GDP. They are the three great engines of the global economy, with a shared population of over 2 billion...

7 November 2012

This study focuses on a specific issue – the development of the mining technology, services and equipment sector in Australia. It aims to outline the recent development of the sector, to assess the...

30 November 2011
Fiona Wood

The purpose of this report is to provide an evidence-based context for understanding the importance of entrepreneurship to Australia’s economic prosperity, its link to innovation and how Australia compares with its competitors in...

22 September 2011
Thomas Barlow

Despite the strong reputation of Australian research in medicine, biology, and agriculture, the biotechnology industry in Australia remains modest by global standards. At the US Studies Centre, through a research program funded by...

13 September 2010