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Brendan Thomas-Noone

The United States’ National Technology and Industrial Base (NTIB) is a congressionally-mandated policy framework that is intended to foster a defence free-trade area among the defence-related research and development sectors of the United...

25 November 2019
Stephen Kirchner

The US dollar exchange rate has become increasingly politicised. President Donald Trump has called for a weaker exchange rate, a move away from a long-standing and bipartisan rhetorical position favouring a "strong dollar"...

11 November 2019
David Uren

Chinese authorities have hinted that they may use their dominant position as a supplier of rare earths and associated manufactured goods to retaliate against US restrictions on high technology exports to China. China...

9 October 2019
Dougal Robinson

As the 2020 presidential election race heats up, Australia should be paying close attention to the Democratic Party’s foreign policy debates.

12 September 2019
Sarah Nolet, Cass Mao

AgTech has the potential to both benefit Australia’s agricultural sector and create direct economic benefits through commercialisation of new technology. Examining St Louis, Missouri — a mid-west city with a strong specialisation in...

22 August 2019
Ashley Townshend, Brendan Thomas-Noone, Matilda Steward

America’s defence strategy in the Indo-Pacific is in the throes of an unprecedented crisis. Faced with an ever more capable and assertive China, the US military urgently needs to refocus on the requirements...

19 August 2019
Lavina Lee

This paper argues that democracy promotion ought to be an essential component of the Free and Open Indo-Pacific strategy — a strategy that is being promoted by the United States, Australia, Japan and...

9 July 2019
Claire McFarland, Andrew Herrmann

Technological disruption is rapidly changing the nature of work and the skills needed to succeed at work. It’s estimated that around half of current work activities can be automated by adapting currently available...

4 July 2019
Stephen Kirchner

It is possible the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will need to lower the cash rate by more than its current level of 1.25 per cent to maintain nominal stability if there is...

18 June 2019
Charles Edel, John Lee

This report, co-authored by seniors fellows Dr Charles Edel and Dr John Lee, examines the future of the US-Australia alliance amidst increasing tensions with China. Edel and Lee offer a comprehensive set of recommendations for how...

13 June 2019
Hilary McGeachy

There has been a fundamental, bipartisan shift in the United States concerning the role and impact of China on the economy, especially as it relates to the future of digital and high-tech sectors...

2 May 2019
John Lee

On 4 October 2018, US Vice President Mike Pence delivered a speech at the Hudson Institute think tank in Washington DC.1 In unusually pointed remarks, Pence laid out a comprehensive list of complaints...

1 May 2019
Justin Wastnage

To the west of Sydney industry cluster components will be required if the Australian and New South Wales governments are to fulfil their vision and plan for the 1,700 hectare (4,200 acre) Badgerys...

30 April 2019
Stephen Kirchner

Subdued wages growth has been a feature of the Australian and US economies in recent years, posting the slowest growth on record on some measures. This has led some to question whether workers...

20 March 2019
Ashley Townshend, Brendan Thomas-Noone, David Santoro

Deterring the use of armed force and other forms of coercion is central to the maintenance of order in the Indo-Pacific. Yet from the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, to space...

8 February 2019
Don Scott-Kemmis

In an era of rapid and potentially disruptive change, an economy’s capacity to develop new enterprises and areas of specialisation is increasingly important. Given that innovation and entrepreneurship are so essential, what roles...

19 December 2018
Alex Robson

Why is US energy so inexpensive? Why is its electricity more reliable and pricing more transparent than Australia’s? Why are its carbon emissions declining faster relative to Australia? In this report we answer...

12 December 2018
David Ochmanek

While the rise of China poses serious challenges for the United States and its allies, these challenges are far from insurmountable. If American policymakers can make sound decisions about how to evolve the...

20 November 2018
Stephen Kirchner

This report recommends measures Australia can take to improve its openness to the rest of the world and capture the associated economic and social benefits from globalisation.

14 November 2018
Jared Mondschein, Claire McFarland, Zoe Meers, Benjamin Saling, Spencer Maughan, Andrew Herrmann

Innovation in agricultural technologies, or AgTech, is rapidly changing the world’s least digitised industry. Unprecedented global investment in AgTech reflects this growth, having quintupled from 2013 to 2017. This report analyses the volume...

9 October 2018