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Alex Robson

Why is US energy so inexpensive? Why is its electricity more reliable and pricing more transparent than Australia’s? Why are its carbon emissions declining faster relative to Australia? In this report we answer...

12 December 2018
David Ochmanek

While the rise of China poses serious challenges for the United States and its allies, these challenges are far from insurmountable. If American policymakers can make sound decisions about how to evolve the...

20 November 2018
Stephen Kirchner

This report recommends measures Australia can take to improve its openness to the rest of the world and capture the associated economic and social benefits from globalisation.

14 November 2018
Jared Mondschein, Claire McFarland, Zoe Meers, Benjamin Saling, Spencer Maughan, Andrew Herrmann

Innovation in agricultural technologies, or AgTech, is rapidly changing the world’s least digitised industry. Unprecedented global investment in AgTech reflects this growth, having quintupled from 2013 to 2017. This report analyses the volume...

9 October 2018
Stephen Kirchner

Uncertainty about the economy and economic policy in Australia and the United States has increased since the global financial crisis. Australia’s high turnover in prime ministers and US political battles over the budget...

21 August 2018
Jared Mondschein, Stephen Kirchner

This report outlines some of the national security issues raised by recent changes in the sources of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Australia and the United States. The regulatory regimes for screening FDI...

26 July 2018
Anthony Wicht

The space sector is undergoing rapid geostrategic, technological and industrial change and will be critical to Australian national security and economic growth in coming decades. New actors, like private commercial enterprises, are driving...

7 June 2018
Justin Wastnage

As Australia embarks on its first publicly-funded airport project in more than three decades with Western Sydney Airport in Badgerys Creek, there are lessons and insights to be taken from the US experiences...

28 May 2018
Charles Edel

While media attention remains fixed on Donald Trump, focusing too intently on the president obscures the profound role played by the institution of the presidency and the stress test it faces. The presidency...

27 February 2018
Vafa Ghazavi

America’s innovation success is built on the back of entrepreneurs who embrace experimentalism, risk, and failure. This culture has helped make the United States the unrivalled leader of the digital revolution because it...

24 January 2018
Brendan Thomas-Noone

The Third Offset strategy is perceived as a solution to matching the US defence budget with US strategic ambitions; to find means of sustaining its military-technological advantage in this new era of great...

5 December 2017
Jared Mondschein, Claire McFarland, Zoe Meers

Is Australia an inefficient innovator? In this interactive report, we use the Global Innovation Index to compare Australia and the United States' innovation performance, identifying three major areas that Australia lacks in its...

13 November 2017
David B. Shear

In an era of rising Chinese power and ambition, America’s position in Indo-Pacific Asia is at risk of decline not through war but due to inattention. Washington’s “strategic distraction” and political dysfunction at...

26 October 2017
Jared Mondschein, Richard Holden

As well as an overview of the historic foreign direct investment by the United States in Australia, this report contains 13 case studies of businesses with strong US-Australia ties, the results of a survey of...

13 August 2017
Dougal Robinson

How can Australia better engage with an unprecedented US administration? USSC research fellow Dougal Robinson offers a blueprint for how the government should retool its political engagement in Washington to make it more...

25 July 2017
Simon Jackman

Just two US presidents have been impeached and none removed from office. Despite this, there has been much speculation about the prospect of Donald Trump being impeached by Congress. But how likely is...

18 July 2017
Ashley Townshend

Research fellow and report author Ashley Townshend writes that the Trump administration looks to be adopting a more muscular and self-interested security policy in the Asia-Pacific which will likely produce more volatile relations...

16 March 2017
Sandy Burgoyne, Sophia Maalsen

This report aims to provide new insights into the implementation of smart cities in Australia – how these initiatives are being implemented in cities, whether they are fulfilling their promises, the challenges involved...

9 March 2017
Richard Fontaine

Leaders on both sides of the Pacific must address the looming risks to the Australia-US alliance and seize new opportunities to develop the relationship, according to this United States Studies Centre report.

19 October 2016
Rae Cooper, Marian Baird, Meraiah Foley

Australia has caught up to — and on some measures surpassed — the United States in female labour force participation and in relation to women's representation in senior and strategic organisational roles, according...

5 October 2016