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Gorana Grgic

This article argues for a more nuanced approach to distilling the Dayton legacy, particularly when it is employed as a historical analogy. It highlights the usefulness of the Dayton Peace Agreement (DPA) as...

19 May 2020
Stephen Loosley

Stephen Loosley reviews Michael Connelly's new crime thriller, The Night Fire

29 February 2020
Gorana Grgic

In the latest issue of the Brown Journal of World Affairs, Lecturer in US Politics and Foreign Policy Dr Gorana Grgic discusses the legacy of the Kosovo intervention in the context of US...

25 February 2020
Bruce Wolpe

Senior Non-Resident Fellow Bruce Wolpe reviews Philip Rucker and Carole Leonnig's A Very Stable Genius for The Sydney Morning Herald. He describes a "stunning first draft of the history of the presidency of...

28 January 2020
Stephen Loosley

This is one of the great American political biographies of recent years, an extraordinary work that captures the mercurial American diplomat at his inspiring best and appalling worst. Internationally, only Andrew Roberts’s magnificent...

17 January 2020
Aaron Nyerges

USSC lecturer in American Studies Aaron Nyerges reviews Adina Hoffman's biography of Ben Hecht, one of the most accomplished and prolific American screenwriters. The review was published by The Australian Book Review.

7 January 2020
Brendon O'Connor, David Smith

This book is a reference work with an encyclopedic range, offering contemporary and systematic comparisons between the United States and 17 other economically advanced, stable liberal democracies, as well as some more global...

20 December 2019
Bruce Wolpe

Anonymous is a coward. It was a singular act to take to the op-ed pages of The New York Times in September 2018. (‘‘I am part of the resistance inside the Trump Administration...

6 December 2019
Charles Edel

Senior Fellow Dr Charles Edel surveys four recent works examining the role, ambitions and trajectory of modern China. He finds that although Elizabeth Economy, Nadège Rolland, Sulmaan Wasif Khan, and Ma Jian all apply...

26 November 2019
Brendon O'Connor

This book argues against the tendency to see America as the worst or best nation and instead presents a case for seeing anti-Americanism as a counterproductive prejudice. There are many reasons to criticise...

25 June 2019
Bruce Wolpe

Is Donald Trump going to destroy himself? Will Jared and Ivanka eventually complete their takeover of the White House and rule the world? Will Steve Bannon – the Trump whisperer and chief political...

24 June 2019
Thomas Adams

In the introduction to Working, his monumental 1972 collection of oral histories on how Americans think about work, the great journalist Studs Terkel wrote that work ‘‘is, by its very nature, about...

24 June 2019
Stephen Loosley

Don Winslow first established himself as a writer of uncommon insight and persuasive power with his 2006 thriller, The Winter of Frankie Machine. Its impact alone brought New York-born, California-based Winslow to...

25 May 2019
Brendon O'Connor

A comprehensive account of ideology and its role in the foreign policy of the United States of America, this book investigates the way United States foreign policy has been understood, debated and explained...

5 March 2019
Charles Edel, Hal Brands

The ancient Greeks hard-wired a tragic sensibility into their culture. By looking disaster squarely in the face, by understanding just how badly things could spiral out of control, they sought to create a...

28 February 2019
Charles Edel

Senior Fellow Charles Edel and Hal Brands write in The American Interest on the lessons to be drawn from the Versailles settlement a century ago. They examine why the world's democracies were so...

31 January 2019
Stephen Loosley

Doris Kearns Goodwin is a first-class American presidential historian. Her new book, Leadership: Lessons from the Presidents for Turbulent Times, could not be better timed. American voters went to the polls this...

12 November 2018
Stephen Loosley

In the terminal phase of Richard Nixon’s presidency, in the American summer of 1974, defence secretary James Schlesinger worried that Nixon’s mental decline would lead to a nuclear incident. By this point, secretary...

15 October 2018
Bruce Wolpe

After Donald Trump was inaugurated, Washington speculated: Might we see from Bob Woodward, given the volcanic eruption of power and chaos that engulfed Trump from the moment he took the oath of office...

21 September 2018
Stephen Loosley

Stephen Loosley reviews Pulitzer prize-­winning historian Jon Meacham's new book, The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels.

18 August 2018