Dow Sustainability Program meeting with Andrew Liveris



29 March 2016



Dow Sustainability Program researchers Dr Susan Pond and Andrea Koch, as well as USSC Chairman Mark Baillie, met with Dow Chemical President Andrew Liveris to present the final report for the program.

Dow Sustainability Program meeting with Andrew Liveris


  • Adjunct Professor Andrea Koch
    Former Director, The Soil Carbon Initiative, US Studies Centre

    Andrea Koch was the Director of the Soil Carbon Initiative, a project of the Dow Sustainability Program at the US Studies Centre until January 2016. Koch is an agricultural soil policy specialist with a 'digital' lens. Her focus is on how farmers can use big data analysis and digital technology to improve the way they manage their soil system, towards achieving better productivity and profits as a result.

  • Dr Susan Pond, AM

    Susan Pond AM FTSE led the Alternative Transport Fuels Initiative at the US Studies Centre, as part of the Dow Sustainability Program from 2010 to 2015. Pond is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Royal Australian College of Physicians and the Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.

  • Mark Baillie
    Mark Baillie
    Chairman, United States Studies Centre

    Mark Baillie was appointed Chair of the Board of Directors at the United States Studies Centre in November 2015, and has been a member of the USSC board since February 2014.

  • Andrew Liveris, AO
    Member of the Council of Advisors, United States Studies Centre

    Andrew N. Liveris AO is a member of the US Studies Centre's Council of Advisors. He is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Dow Chemical Company, Lead of President Trump's Manufacturing Council, and author of Make It In America.

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