UCLA Study Abroad Program

UCLA Study Abroad students

Spend your winter break at the University of California Los Angeles!

Dear students,

After much deliberation and in following advice from NSW Health and Government, we have decided to cancel our UCLA program for 2020. While we wish things were different, we believe this is best option moving forward. Any students who have applied will be notified and have their application fees returned ASAP. If you haven’t done so already, please leave your contact details here and we will be in touch with updated mobility information when we are able. Any further questions about the UCLA program or other mobility options offered by USSC, please email Amelia Trial at amelia.trial@sydney.edu.au

About the program

This adventure of a lifetime will enable you to:

  • Gain invaluable international experience
  • Study at UCLA, ranked 15th in the world (Times Higher Education rankings 2017-2018)
  • Live on campus and experience the richness of American college life
  • Accelerate your study by receiving credit towards your degree
  • Spend your winter break enjoying the Californian summer
  • Make long-lasting US connections and friendships

The program runs from 22 June to 31 July 2020, during which you will complete two UCLA subjects (equivalent up to 12-credit points at UNSW and 6 credit points at USYD). You can choose from hundreds of courses offered by UCLA from a variety of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, education, science, music, etc.

Rebecca Wong
“I was planning on doing an American Studies major and I thought this international opportunity was perfect. The United States Studies Centre sponsors you and they have excellent connections. UCLA is a prestigious university with a beautiful campus and what better opportunity than to be able to study there as part of my own degree." Rebecca Wong, UCLA Study Abroad Program

To ensure you hit the ground running, the program will include pre-departure enrolment, housing and visa seesions, assistance with credit approval as well as cultural activities in LA.

About UCLA Summer Sessions

As a renowned public university located in a major urban setting, UCLA offers students a unique opportunity to pair quality academics with the excitement and cultural offerings of Los Angeles.

UCLA Summer Sessions offers more than 700 classes across dozens of disciplines. Courses are taught by a top-notch faculty, which include a number of Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize, and National Medal of Science winners.

UCLA’s beautiful campus features lush landscaping and handsome architecture. Beyond campus, UCLA sits right by the popular college town, Westwood Village, where students have easy access to a wide array of shops, restaurants, theatres, museums, and other activities. Other common student haunts nearby include Santa Monica’s Pier and Promenade, Downtown’s eateries and nightlife, Hollywood’s shows and orchestra, and Venice’s beach and food trucks.

Most students find that living on campus is convenient and enjoyable during their tenure at UCLA. Visiting students have the option of living in university dorms, suites and apartments, which offer many advantages. UCLA provides comfortably furnished residence halls and residential suites located within easy walking distance of classrooms, libraries, and recreational facilities.