New US Ambassador to Australia Caroline Kennedy visited the United States Studies Centre (USSC) at the University of Sydney today to discover how the Centre is providing analysis of America, insights for Australia and solutions for the alliance.

USSC Chair Mark Baillie and CEO Dr Michael Green welcomed Ambassador Kennedy and introduced researchers, faculty and staff from the Centre to discuss their research and teaching themes.

“It is a great honour to welcome Ambassador Kennedy to the US Studies Centre, where we share a commitment to strengthen US-Australia relations based on a deeper understanding of the United States and the issues we face together globally and in this region,” said Dr Green. He noted his earlier work with the Ambassador in Japan and the unparalleled experience and reputation she brings to her new post in Canberra.

Dr Green said Ambassador Kennedy was eager to listen and learn more about the Centre’s American studies program and the level of interest young Australians had toward US politics, society, and culture.

“The Ambassador wants the understanding of the Australia-US relationship to be applicable for all Australians, regardless of race, age or gender,” Dr Green noted.

“Today was also an opportunity for the ambassador to be updated on the Centre’s future research projects, which aim to provide unique insights and make sense of America."

“As the geopolitical centre of gravity shifts to the Indo-Pacific and Australia’s voice grows even more important, the US Studies Centre looks forward to working with Ambassador Kennedy in the future.”