As part of the US Studies Centre's Australia and United States Climate, Energy and Water nexus project guests were invited for an afternoon of expert presentations on unconventional gas production and water resources in Brisbane. This event brought together Australian policy makers and relevant interest groups with three experts from the United States to explore and learn from that country’s experience with the challenges that unconventional gas production poses for water resources. At the event participants heard from Dr Ian Duncan, research scientist at the University of Texas at Austin; Mark Boling, Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Southwestern Energy; and Scott Anderson, senior policy advisor in the energy program at Environmental Defense Fund; about the lessons that have emerged for better governance of unconventional gas in the United States. Background contributions were also made by Australian technical experts and the Queensland Government on the Australian context.

The event was jointly hosted by the CSIRO, the US Studies Centre's Dow Sustainability Program and the Australian National University.