Units of study

The LA Placement Program is a customised program that has been developed in partnership with UCLA Extension. Designed for senior Business School students, the curriculum will equip you with the skills and knowledge that will not only give you the best head start to your career but will globalise your world views. The classes will be taught on the UCLA campus by former and current business leaders and will include guest lectures by senior academics from the UCLA Anderson School of Management. All LA students must enrol in BUSS2501 and will also be enrolled in 2 of the below units based on preference and availability.

Introduction to International Business
Day and time TBC

This course provides students with a basic understanding of the broad field of international business, presenting views from both the home and host country perspectives. The wide range of international business topics covered includes foreign direct investment, import/export, foreign exchange, global sourcing, marketing, and international economic concepts. This course provides a solid foundation for the subsequent courses in the certificate program in International Trade and Commerce. Students in other programs also find the course very useful in achieving a fundamental understanding of international business operations.

Fundamentals of Project Management
Day and Time TBC

This course integrates project management theory with practical approaches to establish a fundamental knowledge base to use in a contemporary dynamic business environment. Instruction explores project management concepts from planning and selection through all aspects of the project life cycle. Students gain practical techniques to organize and control non-routine activities in order to properly manage and schedule quality, budget, and performance objectives.

Leadership Communication and Strategies
Day and Time TBC

This course is designed to develop and enhance skills needed for those entering leadership roles with the goal of improving relationships, productivity, and the quality of work. A pre and post assessment will be administered to analyse each student’s leadership and communication traits to develop strategies for maximum effectiveness. Experiential exercises, role-playing, and small-group activities provide opportunities to practice different behaviours and integrate these skills into personal strategies. Topics include: Analysis of Leaders, past and present; Listening, Self-Disclosure, and Methods of Expression; Managerial Problem Solving And Decision Making; Nonverbal Communication; Male/Female Communication in the Workplace; Influencing Behaviours; Addressing Hidden Agendas; Conflict Management Skills and Assertiveness; Experiential Exercise, Role-Playing and Small Group Activities for Practicing Behaviours; Contemporary issues and strategies.

Digital Marketing
Day and Time TBC

The Internet, the digital revolution, and the move toward an information-based economy are dramatically changing business and the way products are marketed and sold. To be more successful in this “new marketing world,” business people need to understand what is changing and how to use the new tools to their optimal advantage. This course is for both veteran marketers who want to understand the new tools available through the Internet, and those who are comfortable with Internet applications and the digital world but want to learn the marketing fundamentals as they apply to the Internet.

BUSS2501 LA Placement Program - compulsory

Administered and taught by the University of Sydney Business School, this unit involves students undertaking a professional placement in LA as well as preparatory coursework in reflective and professional practice and concurrent coursework on research methods, reporting and other professional writing skills. Assessment will include a reflective journal, research essay, and oral presentations based on the professional placement and study abroad experience.