Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from LA. Students should arrive in LA on 6 January 2018 and check into their assigned accommodation.

Students are strongly advised not to make travel bookings until they have received an official acceptance letter.

Students are also strongly advised not to make any international travel plans prior to the program start date until their US visas have been approved. If for any reason you have not received your visa before your early travel dates, you will be responsible for any fees for changing your flights. Remember that the US Consulate takes your passports to process your visa.

The US Studies Centre can ensure that students receive their visa in time for commencement of the program but cannot guarantee accommodating each individual’s personal travel schedules.

Australian citizens are advised to register their travel and contact details with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade prior to leaving Australia.

Travel advice for the United States of America is available at Smart Traveller.

In Los Angeles, you can obtain consular assistance from:

Australian Consulate-General
2029 Century Park East, Suite 3150
Los Angeles, California 90067
Phone: 1 310 229 2300
24-hour Consular Emergency Centre (Australia): +61 2 6261 3305
Fax: 1 310 229 2380


The program package fees include UCLA health insurance coverage. In addition, the University of Sydney provide automatic travel insurance coverage to enrolled students travelling on approved university business, student placement and student exchange programs. For information on the policies, visit the following pages:

Students are also strongly advised to ensure that they have sufficient funds while in LA to cover the payment of unforeseen medical expenses, as US doctors and hospitals may require cash payment upfront for treatment. These expenses can generally be claimed on return to your home country through your travel insurance provider.

Passports and visas

It is the responsibility of all participating students to ensure they have a valid passport upon application to the LA Placement Program.

Note: Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the end of the program date. If your passport is due to expire within six months of the program end date, you must apply for a new passport upon being accepted into the program.

The US Studies Centre will guide all successful applicants through the F-1 visa process at the first pre-departure session, although it is the sole responsibility of each student to obtain their visa in a timely manner.

Please refer to the U.S. Embassy for all visa requirements.