The 2024 US presidential election campaign is reaching fever pitch. Former president Donald Trump’s coronation as the 2024 Republican presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention will make him the first major party candidate to be nominated for three consecutive elections in 80 years. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is consumed with speculation over whether President Joe Biden will make a last-minute withdrawal from the race.

What are the key takeaways from the 2024 Republican National Convention? What is the diverse Never Trump coalition’s strategy for taking him on amid growing questions about President Biden’s viability? What should Australians be watching for in the lead up to the election?

To answer these questions, USSC hosted a live panel featuring co-host of popular television show “Planet America” on ABC TV Chas Licciardello, former Assistant Press Secretary for President Ronald Reagan Kim Hoggard, and USSC Director of Research Jared Mondschein, in a conversation moderated by USSC Director of Engagement and Impact Mari Koeck.