In a little over a year, the United States of America will elect a new president. Nearing the end of the Obama administration, US foreign policy faces a number of immediate and strategic challenges: a strident Russia, a rising China, an anxious Europe, and a shifting global economic landscape. At the same time, Americans are increasingly focused on domestic issues and locking in the benefits of a resurgent US economy. From day one, the next US president will be presented with critical foreign policy choices, including how to continue the rebalance to Asia and manage ongoing strife in the Middle East.

Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor for the Washington Post, is at the centre of the arguments and personalities that will help shape the next US administration’s foreign policy. In a keynote speech, he shared the trends driving the US presidential election and the policies of the next Commander in Chief. The event included an expert panel and was followed by a cocktail reception for all the experts and guests.

The Next President: American foreign policy and the 2016 election