The USSC's Bruce Wolpe and Professor Brendon O'Connor were featured in an article on SBS News about President Joe Biden's reluctance to step down.

"He seems to have some strong sense that only he is capable of solving certain problems," said Professor O'Connor.

"This kind of stubbornness ... is not going to serve America very well, it's not going to serve the Democratic party very well, and it's not going to possibly serve the interests of American democracy that well."

Wolpe said that replacing President Biden however - with someone like Vice President Kamala Harris - is also fraught with risk.

"She's not held in the highest regard by a lot of people," said Wolpe.

If Harris is passed over however, this would roil black voters.

"If she's denied the nomination of her party, that is a real problem with about a third of the Democratic vote," he said.