We are on the precipice of the third presidential impeachment in United States history. No US president, however, has ever been removed from office. Will President Trump be the first? What impact will impeachment have on US policymaking? What are the lessons from past impeachments? How will impeachment affect US foreign policy in 2020 and what can US allies expect from the United States heading into next year's election?

At this event, “Impeachment: The insiders' guide”, a compilation of analysis by US Studies Centre experts was launched. The compilation features essays on impeachment from diverse angles, including:

  • US public opinion by Professor Simon Jackman, the US Studies Centre CEO and a leading expert on political science and polling
  • History by Dr Charles Edel, a senior fellow at the United States Studies Centre who served on the US Secretary of State’s policy planning staff from 2015 to 2017
  • Foreign policy by Dr Gorana Grgic, a University of Sydney Lecturer in US Politics and Foreign Policy
  • Partisan bias by Mia Love, a non-resident Senior Fellow and former Republican member of Congress
  • Political implications by Bruce Wolpe, a non-resident Senior Fellow who was a Democratic staffer in Congress and chief of staff to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard

The event featured coverage of these topics by Professor Jackman, Dr Edel, Dr Grgic and Mr Wolpe.