US politics: Even worse than it looks

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3 September 2016


Sydney Opera House


Public forum

Is American politics dysfunctional or does it just look that way? What happens when aggressive hyper-partisanship collides with a political system that can only work co-operatively? Is the damage fatal to the democratic system?

The United States Studies Centre partnered with the Sydney Opera House's Festival of Dangerous Ideas to present this discussion featuring Stanford University's Shanto Iyengar and The Atlantic's Norman Ornstein, chaired by USSC chief executive Simon Jackman.

This event is presented in association with Sydney Opera House's Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

US politics: Even worse than it looks


  • Professor Shanto Iyengar
    Harry and Norman Chandler Professor of Communication, Stanford University

    Shanto Iyengar was a visitor at the US Studies Centre in 2016. He holds the Chandler Chair in Communication at Stanford University where he is also Professor of Political Science and Director of the Political Communication Laboratory. Iyengar's areas of expertise include the role of mass media in democratic societies, public opinion, and political psychology. He is the author or co-author of several books, including News That Matters (University of Chicago Press, 1987), Is Anyone Responsible? (University of Chicago Press, 1991), Explorations in Political Psychology (Duke University Press, 1995), Going Negative (Free Press, 1995), and Media Politics: A Citizen's Guide (Norton, 2011).

  • Professor Simon Jackman
    Professor Simon Jackman
    Chief Executive Officer, United States Studies Centre

    Professor Simon Jackman commenced as CEO of the US Studies Centre in April 2016. Between 1996 and 2016, he was a Professor of Political Science and Statistics at Stanford University. Jackman's teaching and research centres on public opinion, election campaigns, political participation, and electoral systems with special emphasis on American and Australian politics.


Part of the series

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