The American elections: Is winning a science or an art?

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4 May 2016


Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Sydney


Public forum

Two American politics experts – one from the Democratic Party, one from the Republican Party – dicussed the current and most recent presidential campaigns and explored how discontented American voters on both sides are forcing major change within the parties, government policies, and political life. These insiders explained how a dedicated base of voters can rewrite the rules that political scientists and experts once viewed as sacrosanct. The speakers touched on how changing demographics, campaign finance rules, and social media have shifted the American electorate, changed the way it thinks and changed what it expects from its candidates.

The American elections: is winning a science or an art?


  • Penny Lee
    President, Venn Strategies, LLC

    Penny Lee was a visitor at the US Studies Centre in May 2016. Lee is a Democratic political and communications strategist, with over 20 years of experience. At present, Lee is President of Venn Strategies, LLC, a public affairs and government relations firm located in Washington, DC. Previously, Lee served as the top communications and political advisor to US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Over her career, she has served as Executive Director of the Democratic Governors Association, Communications Director for Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell, and as a member of the senior staff of the Democratic National Committee.

  • Noam Neusner
    Principal, 30 Points Strategies

    Noam Neusner was a visitor at the US Studies Centre in May 2016. Neusner is an experienced communications strategist, speechwriter, journalist, and author. He is the founding principal of 30 Point Strategies, which focuses on strategic communications, speechwriting, media relations, and policy-specific writing. Previously, Neusner was President George W. Bush’s primary speechwriter on domestic policy matters, including tax relief, Medicare reform, energy, and the environment. He also served as Director of Communications and Strategic Planning at the Office of Management and Budget.


Part of the series

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