Survey says: Understanding the same-sex marriage vote



9 November 2017


Case Study Lecture Theatre 1060, Abercrombie Building, corner Abercrombie and Codrington Streets, Darlington The University of Sydney


Public forum

Public opinion has changed dramatically on same-sex marriage in the United States and Australia over the past decade. This shift in attitudes has been recognised in the United States with changes to the law – through a mix of legislation, special ballots and court cases. In Australia, this issue is now playing out through a postal survey that will guide the next steps of our federal parliamentarians.

Polling experts from the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney discussed the latest survey data to understand the possible outcomes of Australia's unprecedented same-sex marriage vote, the campaign tactics used, and what the US experience tell us about what to expect in Australia.

Hosted by USSC CEO Professor Simon Jackman, the event gave students, academics and polling enthusiasts the chance to unpack the campaign, the response and the data on public opinion.


  • Professor Simon Jackman
    Professor Simon Jackman

    Professor Simon Jackman was Chief Executive Officer of the United States Studies Centre from April 2016 to May 2022. Between 1996 and 2016, he was a Professor of Political Science and Statistics at Stanford University. Jackman's teaching and research centres on public opinion, election campaigns, political participation, and electoral systems with special emphasis on American and Australian politics.

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