Human rights in the age of Trump

Human Rights Watch’s Iain Levine in conversation with Dr Gorana Grgic



28 March 2017


USSC Boardroom, Institute Building, City Rd, University of Sydney


Public forum

Are human rights under attack by the Trump administration? In recent months, efforts have been made to prevent the arrival of refugees, there have been attacks on the press and the independence of the judiciary, and there has been a global gag rule on reproductive rights. Meanshile, in a number of countries in Europe, authoritarian populists are on the rise promoting aggressively xenophobic and nationalistic policies.

At this event, Human Rights Watch Deputy Executive Director Iain Levine discussed with USSC lecturer Dr Gorana Grgic the protection of human rights during a time of great hostility and even greater need. How do we address these assaults on international norms and human rights in the US, Europe and here in Australia? What role should be played by global institutions like the United Nations? How can democracy and the rule of law protect the rights of minorities – refugees, Muslims, LGBT people and others? And what is the role of civil society and non-governmental organisations like Human Rights Watch in this changing world?


  • Iain Levine
    Iain Levine
    Deputy Executive Director, Program, Human Rights Watch

    Iain Levine is program director at Human Rights Watch, he oversees the organisation's research and reporting work. Based in New York, he has particular expertise in humanitarian crises, protection of civilians in conflict, and children's rights.

  • Dr Gorana Grgic
    Dr Gorana Grgic
    Senior Lecturer in US Politics and Foreign Policy, United States Studies Centre (jointly appointed with the Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney)

    Dr Gorana Grgic is a jointly appointed Senior Lecturer at the Department of Government and International Relations and the United States Studies Centre. Her research interests include US politics and foreign policy, transatlantic relations, conflict resolution and democratisation. She is the author of Ethnic Conflict in Asymmetric Federations (Routledge 2017).