America's future in the Middle East: Presidential contenders and their policies with Michael Singh



17 August 2016


Public forum

With the mind-boggling US presidential election campaign coming to a close in a matter of months, what kind of Middle East policy can we expect from the candidates?

For more than half a century the US has been the key external force impacting this critical region. Is it viable for the US to disengage? Is there any chance for stability?

Michael Singh, senior fellow and managing director at The Washington Institute, provided insights into how the candidates will likely engage with the major players in the region and what legacy the Obama Administration has left for future policy-makers.

This was a rare opportunity to hear from a senior leader of one of Washington DC’s most highly respected policy think tanks.  


  • James Brown
    James Brown
    CEO, Space Industry Association of Australia

    James Brown is CEO of the Space Industry Association of Australia. He was previously a Non-Resident Fellow at the United States Studies Centre.

  • Michael Singh
    Managing Director, The Washington Institute

    Michael Singh is the Lane-Swig senior fellow and managing director at The Washington Institute and a former senior director for Middle East affairs at the National Security Council.

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