A single week in the 2024 election cycle will see the Super Tuesday primary contests play out in 15 states and President Biden deliver what could be his final State of the Union address to Congress. The week was an opportunity for both Biden and former president Donald Trump to stamp their authority on their respective party nominations and build momentum ahead of the 5 November general election — or a final chance for their longshot opponents to make a mark.

What do the results of Super Tuesday mean for the 2024 election? Will Biden’s State of the Union allay concerns about his age? Who is on Trump’s vice president shortlist and why?

To answer these questions, USSC hosted a live panel featuring Chas Licciardello, co-host of popular television show “Planet America” on ABC TV, in conversation with Associate Professor in American Politics and Foreign Policy David Smith and USSC Research Editor Victoria Cooper, moderated by USSC Director of Research Jared Mondschein.