Units of study

UCLA Summer Sessions offer a wide-range of courses that are drawn from the university’s academic-year program of approved classes. The package price includes the costs of two UCLA courses worth 4 units each. It is compulsory for students to complete at least 8 units (2 courses) for visa purposes. Students are able to take 5 unit courses. However, please note, an additional cost will apply for any course that is more than 4 units.

Some courses may have mandatory requisites and students are responsible for making sure they have the experience comparable to the listed requisites (information is available on the UCLA schedule of classes website). UCLA does not require students to provide proof of required knowledge.

The UCLA summer courses include lower-division, upper-division and graduate courses. As a general rule, the following applies:

  • Lower-division classes are numbered 1-99 and are meant for first-year and sophomore students. These are equivalent to University of Sydney first year units of study i.e. ‘1000 level units’, which are meant for junior students.
  • Upper-division courses are numbered 100-199 and are designed for juniors and seniors. These are equivalent to University of Sydney second and third year units of study i.e. ‘2000 and 3000 level units’, which are meant for intermediate and senior students.
  • Graduate courses are those numbered 200-299 and 500-599 (those from 500-599 are open only to UCLA graduate students).

Credit Approvals

Completion of any 'two courses' at the UCLA summer program will be recognised with 6 credit points of unspecified credit toward toward Table S electives. Please note that you do not need to have credit approval to submit an application, but if you would like to receive credit towards a core or selective unit you do need to have approval before you depart for the UCLA program. Each student is responsible for understanding their own degree progression.

Please email paulo olivares at paulo.olivares@sydney.edu.au for all credit related questions and for further credit approval.

Please note you do not need to have credit approval before you apply and the USSC will assit where possible in credit approval before departure.

UCLA Units

Please check on the UCLA schedule of classes for course offerings (in the drop down menu 'Term' please select 'Summer Sessions 2023' in the drop down menu 'Select a Session' please select Session A6).

› You must nominate 4 course preferences on your application

› All courses are subject to availability

Enrolment in most courses is unlimited prior to the first day of session. Courses with enrolment limits close when enrolment reaches the limit but students can be placed on a wait list when it is available. Often additional selections will be added as the wait list is filled to capacity.

For individual course descriptions, please visit the UCLA schedule of classes. After selecting the term (Summer Sessions 2023/Session A6), subject area, and course, click on the nine-digit course ID number to find details specific to that course.