Units of study

UCLA Summer Sessions offer a wide-range of courses that are drawn from the university’s academic-year program of approved classes. The package price includes the costs of two UCLA courses worth 4 units each. It is compulsory for students to complete at least 8 units (2 courses) for visa purposes. Students are able to take 5 unit courses and these have been included in the course list below. However, please note, an additional cost will apply for any course that is more than 4 units.

Some courses may have mandatory requisites and students are responsible for making sure they have the experience comparable to the listed requisites (information is available on the UCLA schedule of classes website). UCLA does not require students to provide proof of required knowledge.

The UCLA summer courses include lower-division, upper-division and graduate courses. As a general rule, the following applies:

  • Lower-division classes are numbered 1-99 and are meant for first-year and sophomore students. These are equivalent to University of Sydney and University of Western Australia first year units of study i.e. ‘1000 level units’, which are meant for junior students.
  • Upper-division courses are numbered 100-199 and are designed for juniors and seniors. These are equivalent to University of Sydney and University of Western Australia second and third year units of study i.e. ‘2000 and 3000 level units’, which are meant for intermediate and senior students.
  • Graduate courses are those numbered 200-299 and 500-599 (those from 500-599 are open only to UCLA graduate students).

Credit Approvals

Each student is responsible for understanding their own degree progression and what they can receive credit for. Please note that you do not need to have credit approval to submit an application, but you do need to have approval before you depart for the UCLA program.


You can download the faculty approved list of UCLA credit HERE. Please note this list will be updated and you should check it regularly. The faculty has also provided a list of units that are NOT approved and that can be downloaded HERE. Please email Amelia Trial at amelia.trial@sydney.edu.au for all credit related questions and for further credit approval.

Please note you do not need to have credit approval before you apply and the USSC will assit where possible in credit approval before departure.

University of Western Australia

In most instances, units will be counted towards category A or B broadening units or elective units where applicable. Students will be required to seek approval for each UCLA unit they wish to enrol in prior to departure. Credit towards any major or specialisation is subject to approval by the relevant department and the faculty.

University of New South Wales

Students from UNSW will need to speak with their individual faculties for credit approval.

If students have further questions about credit approval or are having difficulties with this process, please contact Amelia Trial.

UCLA Units

The below list includes all 4-unit and 5-unit courses offered in the 2019 UCLA Summer Session. If you would like to view the arts and business pre approved units, they are listed in the links in the above section. The units are subject to change, so please check on the UCLA schedule of classes for most updated course offerings.

Enrolment in most courses is unlimited prior to the first day of session. Courses with enrolment limits close when enrolment reaches the limit but students can be placed on a wait list when it is available. Often additional selections will be added as the wait list is filled to capacity.

For individual course descriptions, please visit the UCLA schedule of classes. After selecting the term (Summer 2019/Session A), subject area, and course, click on the nine-digit course ID number to find details specific to that course.

*These courses are worth 5 units and will incur an additional fee. All other courses listed are 4 units and are included in the program fees.

Afro-American Studies


413342110 M107 Cultural History of Rap*
413828110 188A Special Courses in African American Studies
413846110 C191 Variable Topics Resarch Seminars: Afro-American Studies

Ancient Near East


286031110 10W Jerusalem: The Holy City*
286306110 CM101A-Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt, Predynastic Period to New Kingdom
286318110 M103A History of Ancient Egypt
286480110 130 Ancient Egyptian Religion*



111009110 3 Culture and Society*
111411110 110 Principles of Archaeology
111366110 124S Evolution of Human Sexual Behavior
111517110 139 Selected Topics in Cultural Anthropology
111678110 146 Urban Anthropology
111751110 153 Language and Identity

Applied Linguistics


384091110 30W Language and Social Interaction*
384121110 40W Languages and Gender: Introduction to Gender and Stereotypes*
384307110 101W Introduction to Language learning and language teaching*
384313910 102W Nature of Learning*

Architecture and Urban Design


114031310 10B History of Architecture and Urban Design: Baroque to contemporary Moment*
114618110 CM153 Introduction to Sustainable Architecture and Community Planning



119020110 11E Ceramics
119634110 133 Advanced Painting*

Art History


118362110 M110A-Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt, Predynastic Period to New Kingdom
118492110 132 Selected Topics in Contemporary Art
118496110 133D Architecture in U.S.
118629110 154D Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art

Asian American Studies


121030110 10 History of Asian Americans*
121151110 50W Asian American Women*
121541202 140SL Power to People: Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Based Learning



257090110 30 Languages and Cultures of Asia*
257181110 M60W Introduction to Buddhism*



123048110 5 Life in the Universe*

Chemistry and Biochemistry


142140910 20A Chemical Structure
142042910 14A Atomic and Molecular Structure, Equilibria, Acids, and Bases
142044910 14C Structure of Organic Molecules
142119910 14CL General and Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
142130910 17 Chemical Principles
142088110 30A Organic Chemistry I: Structure and Reactivity
142637110 153A Biochemistry: Introduction to Structure, Enzymes, and Metabolism
142641110 153L Biochemical Methods I
142650910 156 Physical Biochemistry

Chicana and Chicano Studies


144029111 10A Introduction to Chicana and Chicano studies: History and Culture*
144302110 100SL Barrio Service Learning*
144440110 M102 Mexican Americans and Schools
144453110 CM106 Health in Chicano/Latino Population
144454110 M106B Diversity in Aging: Roles of Gender and Ethnicity
144455110 M108A Music of Latin America: Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean Isles
144491200 M124 Latino Immigration History and Politics
144505110 M134SL Engaging Immigrants and Their Families
144781110 180 Chicana and Chicano Schooling and Community Activism
144829110 188 Special Courses in Chicana and Chicano Studies



259420910 M60 Introduction to Chinese Religions*
259420110 C120 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics



148012110 10 Discovering Greeks*
148043110 20 Discovering Romans*
148810110 185 Origins and Nature of English Vocabulary*

Computer Science

187093910 31 Introduction to Computer Science I
187096910 32 Introduction to Computer Science II
187101910 33 Introduction to Computer Organization*
187154910 M51A Logic Design of Digital Systems
187336910 111 Operating System Principles*
187780910 180 Introduction to Algorithms and Complexity
187787910 181 Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata Theory

Communications Studies


024001110 1 Principles of Oral Communication
024002110 1A Public Speaking for Non-native Speakers
024003110 1B Learning American English and Culture from Movies
024030210 10 Introduction to Communication studies*
024384110 114 Understanding Relationships
438582110 M147 Sociology of Mass Communication
438589110 148 Integrated Marketing Communications
024642110 157 Celebrity, Fame and Social Media
438696110 166 Inside Hollywood

Comparative Literature

152007910 1E Social Media and Storytelling: Comparing Cultures*
152019110 4DW Literature and Writing: Great Books from the World at Large*

Design/Media Arts


141032110 10 Design Culture*
141063110 21 Drawing and Color
141073110 24 Motion
141076110 25 Typography
141085110 28 Interactivity

Disability Studies


028311110 101W Perspectives on Disability Studies*
028318110 M103 Studies in Disability Literatures*
028426110 M121 Topics in Gender and Disabilities
028450130 M125 Exploring the Intersections of Ability and Sexuality
028535110 M139 Perspectives on Autism and Neurodiversity
028666110 M161 Sports, Normativity, and Body

Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences


411003110 1 Introduction to Earth Science*
411027110 9 Solar System and Planets
411045110 15 Blue Planet: Introduction to Oceanography*

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


128300310 100 Introduction to Ecology and Behavior
128305110 100L Introduction to Ecology and Behavior Laboratory
128366200 111 Biology of Vertebrates*
128420910 120 Evolution
128816910 186 Evolutionary Medicine: Clinical Perspective on Medical, Surgical, and Psychiatric Disorders



180004110 1 Principles of Economics
180008110 2 Principles of Economics
180052110 11 Microeconomic Theory
180123110 41 Statistics for Economists
180346110 101 Microeconomic Theory
180364110 102 Macroeconomic Theory
180374210 103 Introduction to Econometrics
180419110 106F Finance
180420110 106G Introduction to Game Theory
180541110 134 Environmental Economics
180673110 160 Money and Banking



183348110 M102 Mexican Americans and Schools
183420110 120 Early Childhood Development
183438110 123 Teaching Profession
183474110 129 Education and Law
183822110 187 Variable Topics in Education*



186799910 183EW Engineering and Society



196113110 4W Critical Reading and Writing*
196156110 20W Introduction to Creative Writing*
196387110 M103 Studies in Disability Literatures*
196392110 115D Detective Fiction*
196394110 115E Science Fiction*
196416110 119 Literary Cities*
196511110 134 Nationalism and Transnationalism*
196529110 M138 Topics in Creative Writing*
196534110 139 Individual Authors*
196722110 170B American Literature, 1900-1945*
196773110 179 Topics in Literature, circa 1850 to Present*

English as a Second Language


197060110 20 Conversation and Fluency
197067210 22 Public Speaking
197069210 23 American Culture through Film
197075110 25 Academic reading and Writing

English Composition


194004110 Introduction to University Discourse
194099510 3 English Composition, Rhetoric, and Language*



184075910 25 Good Food for Everyone: Health Sustainability, and Culture*
184480110 M132 Environmentalism: Past, Present, and Future
184618110 M153 Introduction to Sustainable Architecture and Community Planning
184679110 163 Business and Natural Environment
184674110 M164 Environmental Politics and Governance



430075110 25 Global Pop*
430090110 30 Music and Media
430170110 50A Jazz in American Culture: Late 19th Century through 1940s*
430348110 M108A Music of Latin America: Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean Isles
208414110 M119 Cultural History of Rap*

Film and Television


238012910 4 Introduction to Art and Technique of Filmmaking*
238099910 33 Introductory Screenwriting
238435110 122D Film Editing: Overview of History, Technique, and Practice
238436110 122E Digital Cinematography
238441110 122J Disney Feature: Then and Now*
238444110 122M Film and Television Directing
238798210 183A Producing I: Film and Television Development



236003110 1 Elementary French
236009110 3 Elementary French
236123110 41 French Cinema and Culture*

Gender Studies


405030110 10 Introduction to Gender Studies*
405308200 101W Writing Gender*
405312200 102 Power
405327110 M104C Diversity in Aging: Roles of Gender and Ethnicity
405363910 M110C Topics in Feminist Philosophy: Metaphysics and Epistemology
405378200 113 Sex Work
405384910 M114 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Studies*
405426110 M121 Topics in Gender and Disabilities
405666110 M161 Sports, Normativity, and Body
405672110 M162 Sociology of Gender*
405690110 M165 Psychology of Gender



207006110 1 Earth's Physical Environment*
207086110 5 People and Earth’s Ecosystems*
207394110 M115 Environmentalism: Past, Present, and Future
207401110 116 Biogeography of Plant and Animal Invasions
207457110 122 Wildlife Conservation in Eastern and Southern Africa
207482110 125 Health and Global Environment
207497110 M128 Global Environment and Development: Problems and Issues
207564110 145 Slavery and Human Trafficking
207586110 M149 Transportation Geography

Global Studies


022660110 160 Special Topics in Global Studies



221283110 97M Introduction to Historical Practice: Variable Topics in Southeast Asian History
221329110 119D Topics in Medieval History
221468110 134C Economic History of Europe, 20th Century
221634110 154 History of California
221741110 179B History of Medicine: Foundations of Modern Medicine

International Area Studies


407001110 1 Introduction to international area studies*
407093110 31 Introduction to Southeast Asia*

International Development Studies


229001110 1 Introduction to International Development Studies
229360110 110 Economic Development and Culture Change
229420110 M120 Political Economy of Developing Countries

Islamic Studies


234360110 M110 Introduction to Islam



261225110 75 Anime*
261630110 155 Topics in Japanese Cinema

Labour and Workplace Studies


242030200 10 Introduction to Labor and Workplace Studies*
242505110 M134SL Engaging Immigrants and Their Families*

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies (LGBTQS)


436384110 M114 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies
436450110 M125 Exploring Intersections of Ability and Sexuality
436523110 M137 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Perspectives in Pop Music
436792200 182 Variable Topics in Education, Law and Public Policy

Life Sciences


252022910 7A Cell and Molecular Biology
252022110 7B Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology
252024910 7C Physiology and Human Biology



253090110 20 Introduction to Linguistics*
253312910 102 Introduction to Applied Phonetics*
253420110 120A Phonology I*
253491910 132 Language Processing*
253556910 160 Field Methods*
253641910 165A Phonology II*
253691910 170 Language and Society: Introdcution to Sociolinguistics
253783910 185A Computational Linguistics I



260001110 1A Principles of Accounting
260320110 108 Business law
260491110 120A Intermediate financial accounting I*
260510110 122 Management Accounting
260534110 126 Financial Statement Analysis
260539110 127A Tax Principles and policies
260610110 161 Business Plan Development
260780810 180 Special Topics in Management
260661110 182 Leadership principles and practice



262206110 1 Pre-calculus
262089910 3C Ordinary Differential Equations with Linear Algebra for Life Sciences Students
262181110 31A Differential and Integral Calculus
262206110 32A Calculus of Several Variables
262221110 33A Linear Algebra and Applications
262268110 61 Introduction to Discrete Structures
262338110 110A Algebra
262398110 115A Linear Algebra*
262447110 131A Analysis
262469110 132 Complex Analysis for Applications
262503110 134 Linear and Nonlinear Systems of Differential Equations
262508110 135 Ordinary Differential Equations
262513110 142 Mathematical Modelling
262564200 151A Applied Numerical Methods
262629110 164 Optimization
262646110 167 Mathematical Game Theory
262660110 170A Probability Theory
262781200 180 Graph Theory

Molecular, Cell and Development Biology


269151910 50 Stem Cell Biology, Politics, and Ethics: Teasing Apart Issues*
269180110 60 Biomedical Ethics*
269270110 90 Human Stem Cells and Medicine
269300110 100 Introduction to Cell Biology*



281011110 3 Preparatory Music Theory
281029110 7 Understanding Movie Music
281213110 80A Beginning Keyboard
281219110 80F Beginning Guitar Class
281244110 80V Vocal Technique for Beginners
431830200 188 Special Courses in Music

Music History


432024110 8 History of Electronic Dance Music*
433036110 12W Writing about Music*
432237110 79 Dancehall, Rap, Reggaeton: Beats, Rhymes, and Routes in African Diaspora
433522110 M137 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Perspectives in Pop Music



302150110 50 Fundamentals of Epidemiology



312035910 6 Introduction to Political Philosophy*
312040110 7 Introduction to Philosophy of Mind*
312079110 22 Introduction to Ethical Theory*
312082110 31 Logic, First Course
312450910 C119 Topics in Modern Philosophy
312514110 129 Philosophy of Psychology
312675910 166 Philosophy of Law
312822910 M187 Philosophical Analysis of Issues in Feminist Theory: Gender and Social Justice



318001110 1A Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Mechanics*
318007110 1B Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Oscillations, Waves, Electric and Magnetic Fields*
318008110 1C Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Electrodynamics, Optics, and Special Relativity*
318025810 5A Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Mechanics and Energy
318026910 5B Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Thermodynamics, Fluids, Waves, Light, and Optics
318027910 5C Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Electricity, Magnetism, and Modern Physics
318065110 10 Physics

Physiological Science


387009910 3 Introduction to Human Physiology*
387039910 13 Introduction to Human Anatomy*
387432110 122 Biomedical Technology and Physiology
387516110 136 exercise and cardiovascular function*
387570200 M145 Neural Mechanisms Controlling Movement*

Political Science


324070110 10 Introduction to Political Theory*
324121110 40 Introduction to American Politics*
324390200 119 Special Studies in Political Theory: To Keep and Bear Arms: Constitutionalism and Republican Founding
324415110 122A World Order
324468110 135 International Relations of China
324575202 149 Special Topics in American Government and Politics: Careers in Political Science
324575202 149 Special Topics in American Government and Politics: Democracy and Trump
324606110 154B Government and Politics in Latin American: States of South America
324793200 M182 Ethnic Politics: African American Politics

Psychiatry and Biobehavioural Sciences


326751110 175 Mindfulness Practice and Theory
326793110 182 Personal Brain Management



328056210 10 Introductory Psychology
328081110 15 Introductory Psychobiology
328062200 20A MATLAB Programming for Behavioral Sciences
328304110 100A Psychological Statistics
328336910 110 Fundamentals of Learning
328357110 116 Behavioral Neuroscience Lab
328360110 118 Comparative Psychobiology
328513110 119Y Psychobiology of Sexual Behavior
328449910 120A Cognitive Psychology
328432110 126 Clinical Psychology Laboratory
328472110 127A Abnormal Psychology
328466210 135 Social Psychology
328498110 137C Intimate Relationships
328537110 M139 Perspectives on Autism and Neurodiversity
328600110 150 Introduction to Health Psychology
328830110 188B Special Courses in Psychology

Public Policy


317033200 10D Public Policy and Urban Homelessness*

Religion, Study of


27033110 11 Religion in Los Angeles
327063200 M20 Introduction to Islam*
327348200 M108 Qur'an
327492110 M132 Ancient Egyptian Religion*
327660110 160 Religion, Film and Media



218149110 50 Introduction to Scandinavian Literatures and Cultures*
218181210 60W Introduction to Nordic Cinema*

Social Welfare


319300110 100A Introduction to Social Welfare: polices and Programs
319326110 M104C Diversity in Aging: Roles of Gender and Ethnicity



347002810 1 Introduction to Sociology*
347060110 20 Introduction to Sociological Research Methods*
347303110 101 Development of Sociological Theory*
347313110 102 Contemporary Sociological Theory *
347449110 128 Sociology of Emotions
347487110 134 Culture and Personality
347577110 147A Sociology of Crime
347649110 158 Urban Sociology
347675110 M162 Sociology of Gender*
347697110 169 Law and Society



349002210 1 Elementary Spanish
349008210 2 Elementary Spanish
349010210 3 Elementary Spanish
349012110 4 Intermediate Spanish
349075110 25 Advanced Spanish and Composition
349064110 28A Spanish for Special Puposes: Medical
349126110 42 Iberian Culture*
349601110 150 Topics in Contemporary Studies
349720110 170 Topics in Media, Interdisciplinary and Transhistorical Studies



263030110 10 Introduction to Statistical Reasoning*
263040110 13 Introduction to Statistical Methods for Life and Health Sciences
263060110 20 Introduction Statistical Program with R
263303110 100A Introduction to Probability
263304210 100B Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
263317110 101A Introduction to Data Analysis and Regression
263317910 102A Introduction to Computational Statistics with R



356076110 20 Acting Fundamentals
356067110 21 Acting for Camera
356091410 30 Dramatic Writing
356546110 138 Special Problems in Performance Techniques: Advanced Acting for Camera

Urban Planning


325420110 120 Introduction to Cities and Planning
325540110 M140 Issues in Latina/Latino Poverty*
325546110 141 Planning with Minority Communities
325600110 M150 Transportation Geography
325660110 M160 Environmental Politics and Governance
325690110 M165 Environmentalism: Past, Present, and Future
325696110 CM166 Global Environment and Development: Problems and Issues

World Arts and Cultures


401069110 M23 Introduction to American Indian Studies