Ground-breaking behavioural economist, Professor Shlomo Benartzi from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, spoke at this event presented by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, University of Sydney Business School and US Studies Centre.

Professor Benartzi spoke about his latest research looking at the intersection between behavioural economics and the digital revolution, and the way in which human decision-making is changing in a world full of screens. His new research uncovers how we think differently online and make choices that differ from those we make offline.

Given that this has very real implications for policy makers, businesses, educators, retailers and marketers as we shift towards more online services, communication and transactions, Professor Benartzi reflects on these findings as a new opportunity to help people make the right choices.

His talk was followed by a panel discussion where he was joined by:

  • Mr Arun Abey, Chairman of ipac
  • Professor Dan Lovallo, Professor of Business Strategy, University of Sydney Business School
  • Ms Jerril Rechter, Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth)

Moderated by Dr Rory Gallagher from the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet's Behavioural Insights Unit.