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Dana Milbank is a nationally syndicated op-ed columnist with The Washington Post.

His column generally appears four times a week in the Post, and it runs in 275 other newspapers. It has for several years been the most popular opinion column on the Post’s website. Milbank also provides political commentary for MSNBC and various other TV and radio outlets, and he is the author of three books on politics: "Tears of a Clown" (2010), the national bestseller "Homo Politicus" (2008) and "Smashmouth" (2000).

Milbank joined The Post at the beginning of the 2000 presidential campaign as a political writer in the Style section. He covered President George W. Bush’s first term and the 2004 election as a White House correspondent on The Post’s National staff. He has won the White House Correspondents' Association Beckman award for “repeated excellence in White House coverage,” earned the National Press Club's Gingras prize for humor writing and was named one of the nation’s top political journalists by Columbia Journalism Review. He has been writing the column since 2005.

Before joining The Post, Milbank spent two years as a senior editor at the New Republic, where he covered the Clinton White House, and eight years as a reporter with the Wall Street Journal, where he covered Congress and was a London-based correspondent. He is a 1990 graduate of Yale University.

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