Alex Dela Cruz

Blue Security Fellow

Alex P Dela Cruz is a PhD Candidate and Research Fellow at the Institute for International Law and the Humanities at Melbourne Law School at The University of Melbourne, where he is nearing the end of a thesis that investigates the role of the concept of the archipelago in the law of the sea in post-colonial state formation in the Philippines.
Alex Dela Cruz

Previously, Alex worked in the Philippines as a government litigator and law lecturer. He obtained an LLM from The University of Melbourne as an Endeavour Postgraduate Scholar of the Australian Government and holds Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of the Philippines.

Alex has presented aspects of his doctoral work in Track 1.5 bilateral maritime security dialogues between Australia and the Philippines in Manila and online. As a Blue Security Fellow, he will examine the notion of ‘regard’ in Article 46(b) of the Law of the Sea Convention and its implications for maritime security in the Indo-Pacific.