Challenges the United States faces with China and Russia are frequently, and adamantly, argued to either constitute a new Cold War or not. Leading historian and former Pentagon advisor, Hal Brands, takes a different approach altogether in his new book, The Twilight Struggle: What the Cold War Teaches Us about Great Power Rivalry Today. He posits that regardless of the accuracy of Cold War comparisons, the United States should look to the history of the Cold War for lessons in how to succeed in great power rivalry today. Both the Biden and Trump administrations came to embrace US-China competition, but what should be the ultimate end goal? How should the US approach to such competition in the near term differ from a long-term approach? Where do US allies like Australia fit into this strategic debate?

The United States Studies Centre hosted an event with Hal Brands in conversation with USSC Senior Lecturer Dr Gorana Grgic as we unpack what history has to teach about the latest stage in great power rivalry and the future of US foreign policymaking.