The United States Studies Centre (USSC) is pleased to announce the launch of a new Emerging Technology program and has appointed award-winning technology and security expert, Dr Miah Hammond-Errey, as the Centre’s new Director of Emerging Technology.

USSC CEO Dr Michael J. Green said Dr Hammond-Errey’s appointment is a key step in advancing the mission of the Centre to address problems facing the alliance that cross different sectors.

“As a think tank, we can convene different experts to think laterally and find solutions – technology cuts across everything we do. Dr Hammond-Errey’s experience in government, military and the foreign policy sphere mean she is ideally placed to lead the conversation around technology, innovation, export controls and cybersecurity,” Dr Green said.

Dr Hammond-Errey said she is looking forward to contributing to the Centre’s internationally renowned work and being the inaugural program director for Emerging Technology.

“Through my work leading key intelligence activities and international operations, I have seen how technology, innovation and strong alliances are critical to our security. The infrastructure of our society is digital, and my research shows how emerging technologies create social and security challenges as well as offer solutions to some of the most pressing issues of our time, like climate change, defence and energy production”, she said.

“Through the new USSC Emerging Technology program I want us to be a leading voice on technology in multilateral initiatives like AUKUS, the opportunities and threats for broader society and, critically, how we leverage technology to build and strengthen alliances,” Dr Hammond-Errey concluded.

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