The United States Studies Centre (USSC) is pleased to announce the appointment of one of Australia’s leading international defence experts, Professor Peter J. Dean, as the Centre’s new Director of Foreign Policy and Defence.

Professor Dean brings a wealth of research experience from his previous role as Professor and Chair of Defence Studies at the University of Western Australia and the director of the University’s Defence and Security Institute.

USSC CEO Dr Michael Green said Professor Dean’s appointment is part of the Centre’s plan to expand its roster of experts and launch new initiatives around defence and diplomacy that bring together stakeholders on both sides of the Pacific.

“Peter will play an important role as the Centre positions itself at the intersection of policy problems and provides both analytical solutions and convening opportunities to build consensus around approaches that work for government, the private sector and the public,” Dr Green said.

Professor Dean said he is looking forward to contributing to the Centre’s internationally renowned foreign policy and defence research work.

“Australia’s relationship with the United States has been central to Australia’s foreign and defence policy and in an era of unprecedented international challenges Australians appreciate the strategic importance of that relationship now more than ever,” he said.

“As a Fulbright scholar, I aimed to become ‘Professor Alliance.’ This role is the fulfilment of that objective and I intend to ensure the Centre leads the dialogue internationally to explore solutions to and through the alliance,” he concluded.